A complete guide for quality NFT investments

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5 min readJan 30, 2023

Before picking up the correct NFTs, we need to focus on the methods of investing in NFTs. NFTs are very tough to choose from because there are millions of NFTs, and only a few can succeed. I am sure the ratio is less than 0.1%, even if I don’t carry any data. Doing simple things like a thorough community analysis takes a lot of work for investors, mainly retail investors.
Analyzing the long-term growth of an NFT community is the most important thing when choosing an NFT to invest in. Most NFTs and crypto projects are driven by the community directly or indirectly. Community is the deciding factor for all crypto projects.

Bitcoin is successful because it binds the globe with its blockchain technology and the innovation it brings. All NFTs cannot follow this formula to succeed and will have to innovate something else. If an NFT community is connected through some compassionate work, it grows the community because gracious work always connects people in the long term. Our NFTs allow you to do compassionate work in our community together by donating half of our NFT profits to charity. The community chooses the charity, and thus the community is likely to grow. A community that donates together brings transparency in the donation, and this process helps grow a community.

Investing in an NFT is simple if we can see that the community is donating together.

Suppose more than 500 people are donating and discussing choosing the charity every month or every week, or daily than imagine the online bond between that community. A stronger bond between community members increases the odds of that community’s growth and NFT’s success. Focusing on the community’s donating abilities together can be significant when it comes to the development of a community. That is the exact thing we want to solve by donating half of the profits to charities decided by our community. When we invest in an NFT, we invest in the community. If the community is not making quality donations to good charities through a transparent process, then the value of that NFT will fade away with time.

Stronger the bond between community members higher the odds of that community and NFT project growing even if the founding members do an exit scam.

When there is a solid bond between community members, the project unleashes the power of hundreds of community members for the project’s growth. Donating together half of the profits does the same thing, which is why we have decided that half of the profits must be given to the community members, and then they can choose where to donate money. The stronger the bond between community members higher the odds for the project to unleash the power of the community. This also allows the community members to spread the word, making the project viral.

Stronger between community members allows the overall project to take calculated risks.

This is the most challenging thing to do. Without this particular aspect, most NFT projects will fail even after getting some initial traction; initial traction is also rugged for most projects. I hope you understand the importance of the solid bonding required between community members. Most NFT projects start to create a bond between community members, but at long-term coin NFTs, we have this process right from the start by allowing community members to connect and donate together. The more compassionate work, a community does together higher the odds of building a stronger bond. Consistent success in complex risk-taking decisions can only be successful in the longer term if the community bond is solid. It is easy to invest in random NFTs and hard to find NFTs that can accomplish such criteria. In the long term coin NFTs, NFTs allow our community members to grow internally through donating together and in their work life by enabling the community to meditate together.

Investing in an NFT is nothing but investing in the community.

Successful NFT investing NFT is all about long-term growth. Generally, long-term investment possibilities in any asset class allow investors to make profits sooner or later. Most NFTs do not qualify for long-term investment. Analyzing the long-term growth of an NFT community is an art that can only be learned through repetition. The quickest way to identify the long-term growth of a community is only through understanding the compassionate work done by the community together. If a community is doing random things together, it may or may not create a solid bond. Spiritual practices like Meditation and giving together can create an infinite bond not only between community members but also between the mind and body cells of those community members due to Meditation.

NFT investors become successful when they can identify the community’s long-term growth. The worst that can happen to an NFT investor is if the NFT project founder does an exit scam. Investors can survive and profit from the same project only if the community is solid. Pancakeswap founder did an exit scam, and only due to the community the project revived quickly and succeed. This is the power of a solid community. NFT investing is about profits, which can only happen when you analyze the community’s growth. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for every investor to bet on the community if he is looking for high-return giving NFTs. Profit is a by-product of investing in a strong NFT community.

The stronger your analysis of the growth of the NFT community higher your odds of making profits. Profits can also occur through the utility of that token, and the best way to analyze the utility of that token is whether you are using that or not. Our NFTs allow you to meditate together whenever you want. In life, the way meditation can bring growth, nothing else can. Our chess meditation will enable you to meditate faster and with high intensity. All you have to do is inhale with every chess move and see the magic. Holding our NFTs allows you to mediate together whenever you want for your entire life. Today you are busy investing and also busy in work life, but after a few months, you want to meditate on your inner growth. A faster way of Meditation creates awareness and improves your daily investing skills. Meditation can only be done continuously when we have the power of the community backing us up.

Just try our chess meditation here. It gets intense when you inhale with every chess move. You allow yourself to meditate faster by accepting that life is complex, like these chess moves, and you connect with the higher power faster.


You can invest in our chess NFTs here and be part of our lifelong meditative community that donates together for growth.


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