A few words of wisdom for all crypto investors

Long Term Coin
9 min readAug 20, 2022

It is essential to understand that users or customers are the backbones of any financial institution. Here in crypto also if you want to grow you will need users. A lot of crypto investors think that just by investing in different cryptocurrencies they are going to survive and they do nothing else. That is not a strategy to follow to actually get 100x returns. People need information, people need support through different products to manage their hard-earned money.

You as an investor know at the subconscious level that to grow the investment you need to grow your income and in the world of investing either you can educate people about investing or you can create useful financial products like binance has created binance platform or uni swap has created a liquidity pool for the world. These are just examples of how people are making money in the world of finance by providing different products. A lot of YouTubers create value by providing educational content and making some money out of it. My point here is that if you are only in the financial industry, especially in crypto, and if you don't have any users, you are less likely to survive in the long term.

It is essential for you to be very flexible in order to build trust between you and your clients. Yeah, it is possible that you might need to get involved in personal relationships with your clients in order to win their trust. you might even need to teach your clients child tennis if you are a good player. Whatever it takes you will have to do it in order to build trust. You might need to sacrifice your precious time in order to give something. The uncertainty will always be there once you sacrifice your time about whether you will get business or not but you will have to take that calculated risk.

Sometimes when you see that the opportunity is very high you might even need to take a bigger risk of giving up your valuable time in order to find an HNI client in the world of crypto investing. People are looking for a personalized experience when they are investing in the world of crypto. They want to have the knowledge which you are having but they can’t because people like us who are experts are reluctant to give valuable information for free.

Giving extra effort to clients or even creating educational content online may look like a big sacrifice or even may force you to procrastinate due to various reasons but it is likely that these efforts will give you amazing results in the end. These efforts will allow you to enter with bigger authority in users' minds if you are doing things online. Once you enter the territory of investor’s finance and once he starts trusting you, you can offer more and more products to the user because that is where his and your growth lies. Once you find that repo with your clients or your social media followers it is likely that they will invest only and only in the financial products suggested by you as you have broken the shackles. You have done the hard work of breaking those boundaries. It doesn't mean that the followers or your clients will do whatever you say but they will try to understand your products and then with little resistance they will adopt the change you are offering through your products in their life.

It is very essential for you to understand that whatever is needed by the crowd has to be given in order to sell them. Just one thing which you need to make sure of is that the product in crypto which you are offering will help them.

Most investors who are only doing one thing and that is to invest either in stocks or in crypto as their full-time job are unable to understand that without customers to whom they can sell their financial products, their existence as an investor is nothing but a hollow journey. Either you need clients or social media followers who can help you generate income in order for you to grow and also more importantly to grow their finances.

The first thing one needs to do in order to survive as a business owner in the world of finance is to get some early clients so he can continue his efforts to expand his business in the world of crypto. It is very likely that when you are trying to find users you will face a lot of defense from them. If you are putting effort into social media no one will watch your videos but sooner or later people will start understanding your efforts and then gradually they will also give time to understand your products. Always utilize your crypto investing knowledge in order to create content. There is always something that you need to create as content and there is always some content that is needed by someone. This helps you to create your audience.

If you don't put effort into finding clients or creating content then someone else will and the business will be of that person. When we are trying to get business we are always under threat from someone who is also trying to get that business in the world of crypto. Positioning yourself in such a way that you can survive as a crypto business owner is always an important task against all these constant threats.

When you position yourself correctly and have patience then it is likely that the market or in simple terms your potential customers will take time for your offerings to flourish in their minds. Once they open their minds you will get an opportunity to find a solid business and advantage over your competitors. We all are always in competition it is just that either you see it or you don't. Generally, new business owners have less visibly to see their competition as they lack vision but they need to understand that their business is always snatched by someone whom they can’t see.

In order to get clients' business in the world of crypto, it is possible that at the time of getting a business you might need to stretch yourself into some kind of expense or you might even need to give some emotional efforts. But in the end, if you have calculated your risk and you are sure that you will be able to get more business and at the same time you will be able to make more profits then the risk will be worth it.

Once you have a small amount of business available from your followers or private clients it is highly likely that you will get an opportunity to find bigger and bigger business. Resistance is bound to happen when you are looking for more business as a crypto founder but it is likely that few of them will convert into your clients and give you massive business.

When you are getting more and more business from your clients it is very essential for you to understand that you sometimes might even need to focus on the existing clients as they might even need your time or else they will leave you. sometimes you might be on the verge of losing your existing clients but with proper management and efforts, you can close them again. Once you close certain types of clients or your social media followers you need to make sure that they are fully invested only with you and giving you more and more business.

Once you focus on this level of persistence it is very likely that you will gain the perks of profits and your customers either from private groups or from social media will get the benefit of your services in the world of crypto. The resistance from your clients will always be there even after they buy your services as they still have some doubts about your services but that will also evaporate after some time once they understand that you have pretty decent crypto investing products. The best part once a person becomes your client in crypto is that you can ask them directly what they want and you can provide them turning that quality sell into an even bigger sell. When you are selling your crypto client another product you might again need to put some effort either financial or emotional to convert him into your bigger client.

Sometimes when people become investors they forget that they need to follow the basics that they will need users or clients in order to succeed the same way you would require clients to succeed in any other venture or business. Yes it is possible that you might even need to develop new skills in order to find clients or build relations or get followers on social media or you can always use your existing skills to gain social media followers or you need to have the skills which can help you develop products which are useful to others in the world of crypto.

Finding new clients is like giving air to your business in crypto because that iscwhere your startup in crypto will thrive and importantly survive. Here it is very important to understand that if you already have a channel from which you are able to find crypto clients then it is better for you to secure that channel for the long term. Protecting the downward momentum is the key to upward momentum. It is also very likely that in order to retain your existing customers in the world of crypto you might need to improve your existing product and that may lead you to great referrals from the existing clients.

Replacing the attitude of getting rich without finding clients with an attitude of doing all the hard work required to find the users is the key to long-term success. It is like changing a bad habit of watching tv with some better activity that can create value for yourself and society. This may take time but sooner or later you will have to understand it.

In order to find clients, a person needs to be in control of his investing strategy. Whether you are a valued investor or a trader it is likely that you will need extra capital to make more and more money. I like the strategy of valuation but you may like trading according to your nature. Whatever the strategy is you will need to blend your investing skills with a lot of money from different clients in order to make massive profits for both of you.

Preventing the threat of getting liquidated is the key skill one needs to achieve and in order to achieve that skill, one needs to understand that capital without the risk of getting liquidated is the key to your success in the world of investing. A clear understanding of valuation methods and also the understanding of getting extra capital without the risk of getting liquidated is the key to your success in the world of crypto. Bitcoin is valued nearly at 60,000 USD according to the method of gold and if we add lost bitcoin then it goes to 100,000 USD. The problem here is that people don't understand this. If you see bitcoin’s price has been hovering around 30,000 to 20,000 USD in the last one year. Valuation is the ultimate go-to thing for you to find out when you are investing in an asset. This is the wisdom that will give you the confidence required to find out clients in the world of investing.

You see the world of investing is for the multi-taskers, it is for people who can understand valuation or skilled trading, it is for people who can find capital without the risk of being liquidated which most users can’t do on binance because they get liquidated there and also more important when you are taking care of all these you also need to take care of your physical health and also your spiritual wisdom because all these things go hand in hand. It is not easy to keep working every day when you are surrounded by uncertainty with deteriorating health as you can’t take care of your health due to long working hours. You will have to learn that this journey of succeeding in the world of investing may take time and that is why you can’t just avoid focusing on your health because it is likely that this struggle of growing in your career day by day will never end even if you become successful. It will be very essential for you to practice taking care of your health and at the same time keep working very hard. Working hard on all these fronts will first require on your side to stop watching unnecessary content on television and on your phone. Your phone is the new cigarette. Avoiding this social media trap is the first huge step toward making your health and career better. You automatically destroy most of your competitors just by avoiding social media. Yeah, creating or learning quality educational content can be a great thing but most people can’t just focus on these things for a long period of time. Working hard, and applying new habits can initially be very hard but in the end, it is only going to help you to fulfill your life’s purpose.