A multi-billion dollar investment firm skybridge capital says bitcoin is worth at least 40,000 USD and ethereum at 2800 USD

Anthony Scaramucci, founder skybridge capital

We all know that bitcoin has been crashing for a while now and many leveraged traders have been washed out. But we all are forgetting that in the world of investing, in life, and primarily in crypto what we see hardly is the reality. Reality can only be found by knowing the deep valuation of any asset class. For the last two years at the long-term coin, we believe that bitcoin’s valuation is nearly 55000 USD if we use the method which we use to value gold. Now the same thing is surfacing again from skybridge capital’s analysis which has nearly 6 Billion in assets under management.

The quote from skybridge capital’s founder is “According to our fair market value metrics based on adoption, wallet size, use cases, growth of wallets, we think the fair market value for bitcoin right now is about $40,000.”

He further said that bitcoin and ethereum are fundamentally undervalued and technically oversold which generally is the analysis by most traders and skilled investors.

Now the bigger question for you as an investor is how can you take maximum advantage of this information?

So as of now, bitcoin is trading at half of the price but we truly believe that it is at least 60000 USD. You as an investor need to have a lot of extra capital in order to create more profits but we as an investor are always limited by the capital and that's what we are trying to solve. Binance also tries to solve the same problem but with leveraged trading which gets you liquidated. So that system is harmful to your hard-earned money. You need to have 50 times extra capital but without getting liquidated. If you try to find a way to do that then you have a great chance of becoming a good fund manager and an investor. For that, you need clients which are again as hard as it can get to find them. So in long-term coin protocol, we try to solve this problem by giving you more power by buying our token as early as you can in accordance with the returns you give. You can read the article about that in the description.

Even the founder of skybridge capital Anthony Scaramucci believes that in the long-term bitcoin will easily go from 100,000 USD to 500,000 USD. He also insisted that investors should stay disciplined and have a long-term view. He insisted that investors should not be leveraged in the case of bitcoin in order to have long-term gain. As I said earlier that that's what long-term coin is exactly trying to solve. You just need to be as early as possible to buy the token in order to have a lot of advantages along with decent returns. Join our telegram group for more details and there you can ask as many questions as you want to start this process. The link is in the description. If you are an aspiring fund manager who wants to manage other unskilled investors’ crypto then you should join our Telegram channel. The biggest problem when bitcoin’s price goes down is people feel the social pressure so much that they almost leave the market forever which is actually not a sane thing to do. Social pressure comes when you read the news like banks closed accounts of certain exchanges or the government is trying to catch money launderers in the crypto market. Criminals are everywhere it doesn’t mean that you are a criminal or you have done some money laundering. These kinds of news generally surfaces when the market has crashed which makes you think that there is something wrong with this market and that is not true. Media needs to sell and they will sell what is sellable and negative news in bear markets and positive news in bullish markets are easy to sell. If you see you will hear news like entrepreneurs made billions in the crypto bull market. So news will change according to the market but you need to find a way to create a way for you in which you can get as much capital as possible without getting liquidated. That’s where long-term coin protocol comes into the picture. If you liked the content please join our telegram group and visit our website.



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