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6 min readJan 27, 2023

The value of NFTs grows when the community members keep doing compassionate work together over a long period. If you can observe these types of community work directly or indirectly, you can start digging deep. The value of an NFT is deeply aligned with the growth and compassion of the community. Without a solid bond between any community, even if NFT grew in value, that value would evaporate with time. That is why the work of compassion done together is an essential aspect of that particular NFT community. This is why we give away half of the profit generated to charities; only our community(NFT holders) can decide which charities to provide funds to. The community will also determine the amount and causes.

So holding our Chess NFTs help you grow inward through meditating together, and the value of NFTs is likely to increase when the community donates together, and this is a long-term process. Refrain from the aspect that the NFT value will improve overnight. If an NFT’s value grows overnight, it can drop overnight.

Most NFTs fail because their house is not in order, which can be in order when the community works together for some compassionate task. Investors need to identify such NFTs, which is why they fail to make money, and artists of different NFTs also only succeed if their artwork directly massively changes the world. Such artists are rare, and finding their artwork is complicated because first, you cannot predict such artists; by the time you anticipate the artist’s work, others have already predicted it and made profits. It becomes essential to understand that you invest in an NFT that can grow in value over time with the community’s growth. A community’s growth depends upon the compassionate work they do together.

Importance of finding the NFT community’s compassionate work

When a community is not doing a compassionate task directly or indirectly, that community is taking chances with its success. If you invest in an NFT, you want to avoid investing in chances. NFT investing is hard, but it can be done with proper checks, and the community’s compassionate work together can change things in the longer term for that particular NFT. NFTs have a bright future, and most NFTs will only succeed because of the community. That is why the community’s long-term growth will largely depend on the compassionate work done together by the community members.

If we do not convert investing principles into simple, understandable language, it becomes hard to survive in the long term. Compassionate community work is a checklist language every NFT investor should look into to make money from that NFT. Finding one such NFT community becomes essential when investing our hard-earned money rather than searching for thousands of NFTs only to not find a passionate and compassionate community. If you are an NFT investor, it will ultimately be about earning profits from that NFT. That will happen in the long term only if you invest in an NFT whose community is mainly passionate about some compassionate work together.

As an NFT investor, if we can stick to basic NFT investing principles like investing in a compassionate NFT community, the complex process of investing in NFTs becomes easy. Any form of investing is about being conservative because that controls the risk and what can be more conservative than finding a compassionate NFT community? That is why giving away half of the profits decided by the community-shortlisted charities is a critical area for our NFTs. This will create a lifelong bond between our community members, and this process is likely to increase our NFTs’ value. This design makes our project conservative because we focus on the community’s long-term growth. Conservative design allows us to make money in the long term, even if we fail to make money in a short time. Short-term money-making opportunities can also arise in our project, but that is like predicting daily whether bitcoin will go up or down today. If you have such an extraordinary ability, you can make money buying and selling our NFTs or any NFT of the entire crypto market. You do not need to own our NFTs to make money.

Finding charities that accept crypto and are heavily transparent is challenging and a project in itself. So this process will create a massive bond between the community members in the longer term. The process is essential to creating profit-making opportunities for an NFT investor.

Growth happens with the unity of the community.

When investing in an NFT, the strategy should be such that there should be no room for any improvement because that strategy is so perfect. If we try to own an NFT whose community is doing compassionate things together, we are near to that ideal strategy that requires no room for improvement. NFTs are a complex market to invest in; only a simple method can help us answer these complex investing problems. Focusing on a community that is doing compassionate work together is the ultimate solution to finding a solid NFT that we can invest in for a more extended period. If we can invest in something long-term, we are likely to make a profit as long as that asset is worth investing in for the long term. What can be a better investing place than an NFT community delivering compassionate work together?

Our meditative community works with compassion.

Meditating with chess allows us to understand that success in the crypto market is as complex as finding an undervalued cryptocurrency consistently. Chess meditation helps us understand that crypto success and consistently finding undervalued crypto are both different and challenging. Only a power higher than us can help us if we find it tough to succeed in crypto. It allows us to modify the strategies veterans use in the stock market according to the crypto market and then grow.

We must provide value to the crypto market to succeed as cryptocurrency investors. Math is as simple as that. Chess meditation allows us to understand this fact faster by helping us realize that chess moves are as complex as success in crypto.

Mistakes in crypto are bound to happen when you meditate on chess and try to go through the higher power because our minds slowly go through the changes of success. Our minds cannot accept that chess and crypto are complex in a day. It takes years in most cases. We cannot find an overnight formula to succeed in crypto, but if we keep ourselves in the mindfulness game, we will likely grow. Chess meditation allows us to understand that making winning investment decisions in a risk-free manner is tough, but we can achieve it through the power of mindfulness. Chess meditation also allows us to understand that making winning investment decisions and success in crypto is different. It is impossible that the power of mindfulness cannot help us connect our innate talent with the crypto market.

Crypto success is just about doing mindfulness daily. You are likely to connect with your higher self through this simple process. Practicing mindfulness as much as possible is the key to success in crypto when you feel things are not in your control.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and my analysis made some sense to you.

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