Balancer LP of BTC-ETH-USDC in Combination with Matic… A great approach?

Hi all, We have been trying to create different kinds of funds to help everyday investors manage their crypto portfolios. Recently we created a highly balanced fund on dhedge Dao. The fund consists like this.

60 % BTC-ETH-USDC (equal distribution)

40 % Matic

liquidity pools

Matic coin has been doing really well and if you have been following matic for a while then you might know what I'm talking about. Matic clearly seems to be a long-term player and whoever holds matic coin is likely to gain a lot in the next ten years. But the problem is that you can’t just hold matic and you just can’t hold bitcoin,ethereum…You need a balanced approach. What if matic underperforms bitcoin and what if matic over performs bitcoin ? No one knows the future but all we can hope is for the best for matic coin. It becomes very essential because of this reason for you to take a balanced approach and keep rebalancing your portfolio meaning that every quarter you need to adjust the ratio to 40% in Matic and in 60 % in BTC-ETH-USDC. the problem for most investors is that they don't have the discipline or time to rebalance their portfolio every now and then. That is the reason why we have created this fund in which we will keep rebalancing your portfolio at 60% in the BTC-eth-USDC liquidity pool and 40% in Matic alone. This can give a very beautiful opportunity to hold your coins for the long term and give you quality returns. Holding for the long term requires efforts and belief in your vision regarding these coins. It is likely that bitcoin-ethereum and Matic will do really great in long term. Holding for the long term means a great and secure future for your hard-earned money and the greater your future happier you feel. Our fees are the lowest possible with only 1% management fees which are the lowest in the industry.

If you have any personalized requirements about creating a fund according to your need we will be more than happy to assist you. In fact, we are in a constant quest to create funds according to customers' needs in long-term coin protocol. You just have to take the simple step of joining our telegram group and let us know what kind of fund you need. We are looking forward to it more than you can imagine.

You can invest in our fund here:

Simply connect your metamask to dhedge dao app and make sure you are connected to the polygon network. Here , the best part is that no one controls your fund. Dhedge dao is totally a defi platform so only you can access your fund from your wallet. If you liked this content please like and subscribe. We keep adding funds and products according to customer needs. You can also check our other liquidity pool of MATIC-Bitcoin and Ethereum-bitcoin on Enzyme finance in the description.



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