Decentralization controls the risk.

Long Term Coin
3 min readJul 7, 2023

In the crypto world, holding Bitcoin has been proven way more effective than any other strategy, but still, people are gambling on not-so-decentralized cryptocurrency projects.

Holding Bitcoin is a powerful investment process; at the same time, you can invest in other decentralized start-ups. It is nothing short of a magical process. This is what exactly we, at long-term coin are trying to achieve. We want people to hold Bitcoin together, which will form a community of powerful investors, and then only those exclusive groups of investors will run the cryptocurrency project. Holding Bitcoin together will help you create a powerful internal bond. The community bond should be a process that can give everyone profit. If you all make money, then it is likely that the bond will increase.

Crypto is not easy to conquer alone, and it requires a community; you can be part of it and start doing things that matter. If you are investing in crypto and not being part of a solid community, you are bound to fail. Your hard-earned money will be lost. We do not want that. Being part of a community that holds Bitcoin together will not only keep you in profit but also allow you to be part of cryptocurrency projects run by people like you. This process will only attract people who care for themselves but also you. This is what exactly we are trying to achieve. When you hold Bitcoin with us that you control, you become part of a robust community because of people like you. Once the community is formed properly, everyone will have a say in building powerful cryptocurrency projects with all their existing resources.

Holding Bitcoin and being part of a community is all you seek to sustain as a cryptocurrency investor. Being part of a community that is connected deeply with each other creates an infrastructure of a decentralized cryptocurrency. Most coins are not decentralized from the start, which is the problem. If a cryptocurrency project is not decentralized right from the start, it is unlikely to become decentralized later on. The goal is to build decentralized projects so investors can hold the coin long-term without the coin’s failure. A crypto project dies in a year, so holding the coin does not have any value. But when the project is decentralized, it has higher odds of sustainability right from the start.

There cannot be a sureshot strategy than holding bitcoin in crypto, and when you hold bitcoin and be part of a community made of powerful investors, you are bound to create better investment opportunities.

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