Decentralization has become a taboo subject in crypto.

Long Term Coin
2 min readJul 7, 2023

The game of decentralization has become more important than ever in the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency is not easy to crack if we keep decentralization out of context. The goal for every investor is to do long-term investing, but if the coins themselves will not survive, how will everyday investors be able to invest for the long term?

Every day investors are more deeply connected to leveraged trades because of the quick gains they can offer. This is the trap that most investors fall into and leave the cryptocurrency market. These types of immediate gains are hardly going to make anyone rich. The problem is that people are not interested in the decentralization process even though they want to make infinite profits. As an investor, you need to be part of the decentralization process. When you become part of the process, you can create value for yourself and others. At long-term coin, my goal is to build a community that can build projects directly in a decentralized manner. For that, a community needs to be formed.

A robust community is the only sure-shot option for thriving cryptocurrency projects. Still, as I try to build a community with that approach, no one seems interested. Unfortunately, people are willing to gamble, but they are not interested in connecting with people all over the globe and creating successful cryptocurrency projects. It is funny, but it is true.

In the long term, this is exactly the problem we are trying to solve and building communities that can be sustainable on their own. For that, the community needs to feel connected, and that connection will happen when people hold their Bitcoin together and make money out of it as they hold it. Holding bitcoins together creates a sense of internal bonding, and that bonding will encourage all of you to build something together.

Once you hold the Bitcoin together and start building together, the internal bond will give the community an advantage that no one will have. The problem is that people keep shallow goals of a few hundred or thousand dollars worth of profit; instead, being part of a solid community can give profit more than one can imagine, but only after a powerful internal bonding is created. Without the bonding, the project will die sooner or later unless the founders are extraordinary. When the project fails, so will your investment.

Invest in our Bitcoin fund and start holding bitcoins with other investors so the process of internal bonding begins as soon as possible.

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