Determining your perfect NFT investment strategy

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8 min readFeb 1, 2023

When we do not make successful investing decisions in a particular market, we create rage inside our heads for that market. That sucks because it starts havoc inside us and stops making money outside.

Anger occurs inside us, so it will naturally only harm our bodies, and when our bodies hurt, we stop making money. That is why NFT investing is a hard thing to master. Quality NFT communities give you positive vibes right from the start. Numbers cannot be hidden, so finding the community’s donations can give you a great idea of how much the community is bonded with each other. Your job as an investor is to analyze the NFT community. You can search for the next one if the community doesn’t donate. This process must be followed to become a successful NFT investor.

Amount donated together by NFT community members allows the community to take long-term calculated risks with the lowest possible downside. The debt-to-equity ratio allows wise investors to identify the difference between good and bad companies. Similarly, try to find out the ratio of the amount donated divided by the total number of community members.

It takes time to create a solid reputation and takes seconds to wash away that. That is why community members need to build solidarity through a common cause of donating a specific portion of their profits to charities.

This process stops communities from losing their reputation overnight by doing irrational things. Suppose a community grows at a decent rate with excellent growth decisions taken by the community in the past. It can give you some idea about whether you should dig deeper into such projects or not for long-term NFT investing opportunities. Past performance never gives you a clear picture of the future, but it can give you a glimpse of the possibilities. Sharing connects people, so there should be a place for all NFT projects to allow the community members to donate certain portions of profit together. We have that system in our NFT project. An infinite bond between community members is necessary if you want to invest in an NFT. When you start analyzing a community, you will have to ask as many questions as possible to identify the long-term growth possibilities. The answer to most of your questions will lead to the abovementioned process. Dreaming about making money from NFTs is one thing, and taking the responsibility to analyze the community is another. You will have to choose what path you want to take.

Sooner we understand that the community bond is the only thing that can keep our NFT investments safe higher the odds of making good profits from that project.

It is easy for most investors not to analyze the community or invest in NFTs that show you good graphics and sell their NFTs. Exclusive communities built on transparent charitable work will likely beat all other NFT communities in the long run. We should stop taking refuge in NFTs followed by the crowd or who make us visually blind by fantastic artwork. I respect artwork but what about your investment? Find NFT projects that carry solid artwork and a solid community. Donating together allows the community to create a lifelong bond. The sooner you join such communities, the higher your odds of making quality returns on your NFT investments and finding growth as an investor. Finding undervalued cryptos consistently requires lifelong meditation, which can only be done if you are part of a solid meditative community. To be truly part of a stable meditative community, we must donate together through transparent charitable work.

We have created a community where you can join by owning our NFTs, giving access to a lifelong meditative community. You can take part in lifelong donation work with the community. It would be best if you held the NFTs once, and then you can also help make donation decisions for other community members’ funds. When a new community member joins, you can decide where to allocate those funds to charities. This process allows you to meditate together through solid community bonds; thus, you get the wisdom and energy to find undervalued NFTs and crypto assets lifelong. Finding undervalued NFTs is a lifelong quest and a lifelong learning journey. Only compassionate work done together can allow a community to grow together. No other process can create a better bond between community members than donating together. A Conservative approach is essential for an NFT community if they are looking for long-term growth, and that cannot happen without solid community bonding. Only donating together allows a community to create an infinite amount of bonds.

Calculating risk-controlling decisions at the right time is necessary for an NFT community to grow, and the better the bond between community members higher the odds of making those decisions in a better way. When there is a slow growth in new members, the community can again make correct decisions to increase the rate of new members. Still, all these visionary things can be accomplished by creating a powerful community bond. Growth in an NFT price is a by-product of this process. The success and failure of NFT communities are about how a community works together for their project’s growth. That can only happen when the community has a solid lifelong bond between members. The more they donate together higher their odds of succeeding together. Donating with complete transparency allows a community to build a repo to which no artwork can compete.

When I see a particular NFT has been sold for millions of dollars, I ask myself, has there been a community that the buyer is part of? If not, then I always wonder what will happen to that NFT’s price in the long run.

The community will understand the importance of improving the project only if they carry a solid bond. If you are an investor in NFTs, then you need to identify the rate of improvement and new ideas being conceived. Progress in an NFT project occurs when the community improves its decision-making abilities. This decision-making ability can only be enhanced with a solid bond; the fastest way to build a solid bond is all about donating together. That is why we have created such a system in our NFTs where we give away half of our profits to the community so the community can donate it to charities online that are incredibly transparent with using our funds. If the community is interested in starting its charity, it can also be a powerful tool. Transparency brings growth, and transparency is as important as it can get. A community has higher odds of resolving complex problems than an individual, and better bonds increase their odds of resolving them faster and more efficiently.

A robust community bond in an NFT community is as tough as possible. As an investor, it is hard to find such communities, but you will have to keep searching unless it fits these criteria.

Start searching for communities that donate together, and your search will become easier and faster. We have to build such a community, and I want you to be part of our community only if you are serious about the long-term growth of the community. You also get an opportunity to find undervalued NFTs and cryptos by meditating together. Meditation gives us the wisdom to dig deeper, and meditation can easily acquire that energy. Once an internal bond of community members passes a threshold, the community becomes a guaranteed success. We need to create that investing wisdom of judging that threshold. When the bond between community members becomes unbreakable, success becomes unavoidable. Community members will find a way to grow, no matter what. Of course, growth requires complex problems to be resolved, but the community bond creates an energy that will give community members the wisdom to solve those problems. This is why only invest hard-earned money into NFTs with incredible bonds. Be part of our community by owning our NFTs.

Building a robust community is a slow and steady process. If you are investing in a community, please be a lifelong investor.

Only that approach will help you gain investment returns, but only after you find an NFT community with a solid bond. The actual growth of an NFT project happens when a community reaches its highest potential to help grow the project. That potential can only be achieved through powerful community bonds and donations. In the future, the difference between the success and failure of NFT projects will be the potential reached by the community members for the growth of the project. The highest possible potential has to be achieved by the community to survive in the competitive market of NFTs. It will be your responsibility towards your money to analyze all these before investing in any NFT project. Communities will have to start giving away certain portions of profits to achieve a powerful internal bond between members. When the bond between members becomes infinite, the community can resolve endless problems in the long journey of a particular NFT project. That is why the bond and passion of the community towards their NFT project becomes essential for the NFT investor to analyze.

After the infinite bond is created for an extended period, an NFT project grows massively. Stable growth of an NFT project increases the odds of that project sustaining for a longer term and more robust the bond between community members. That bond can be analyzed by looking at the amount of a community together for an extended period. When growth becomes stable community will be able to find opportunities that will give them opportunities to make multiple-fold growth without taking any risk, but that can happen only after achieving steady growth. As you can see here, one thing leads to another.

Donating creates a bond that allows them to solve complex problems; complex solving will enable a community to achieve stable growth in NFT, and that steady growth provides risk-free multiple-fold growth opportunities.

I hope you loved this content, and if you did that join our meditative community by owning our NFTs. We give away half the profits to community members so they can donate it with complete transparency.

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