Finding decentralized coins need a defensive approach.

Long Term Coin
4 min readJul 9, 2023

To succeed in crypto, you must know what kind of community you want to be in. Ultimate decentralization happens when a project is totally under the control of community members instead of a handful of people. We are not surrounded by reality if we observe; similarly, we are mostly not surrounded by crypto projects that contain long-lasting communities. It would be best to accept this truth to find long-term investing opportunities in crypto.

As you can see here in the Evergrow coin community, someone asks when they will launch a 2.0 version of the project. So you do not want such people in your community because what happens is that these people, even if they hold the coin, do not provide any value in the process of decentralization. So eliminating such people from the network is the key. When we eliminate people who do not value decentralization, we automatically design a project that can become decentralized.

When I saw the war starting between Ukraine and Russia and watched videos of Kyiv sirens, I felt pain, and I could not do something about it. Still, we can do much about our crypto investment by eliminating not-so-decentralized cryptos from our portfolio. This is why I have designed the long-term coin so that the projects stay decentralized. You hold Bitcoin together and become part of an exclusive community that will only focus on the project’s growth in a decentralized manner. If people are not providing value, we will ask them to leave the community.

There are a lot of crimes done even by powerful people like MBS, who killed Jamal Khashoggi, and the world cannot do anything about it. Still, we can do something about our hard-earned money by eliminating projects that carry weak communities, as the weak community is similar to centralization.

Imagination is the key to anything great, and if we cannot imagine ourselves to be part of a strong crypto community, then we must not expect great things in our portfolio. To be part of a great community, you must avoid being part of a poor community. You can attract decentralized projects in your portfolio by avoiding bad crypto communities. This is what we are trying to do in long-term coin. You need to hold your bitcoin in the “bitcoin fund,” and first, you become part of the community; then, you gradually grow with the community by launching different cryptocurrency projects.

Eliminating investors who do not help the network grow is essential to survive as a project. This is why we are taking this opposite approach. It can get tough initially, but we can only grow together if we survive.

As you see here, one of the prominent community members mentioned that he is friends with other community members for life. Still, I saw a few messages from him in the group that would talk about the decentralization of the project.

Another example is from the same group. Someone is talking about the price reaching 2$ from 0.25 $. So he expected the price to go 10x fold more, but if he had discussed how to make the project decentralized price would surely go to such levels, and he would not have had to speculate like this in the telegram. This is why we want to eliminate people from talking like this in our group so only fruitful discussions can happen, and if someone talks like this for a long, then he will be removed from the group even if he has invested in our “bitcoin fund.”

Overall, if you are investing in any cryptocurrency project, in that case, decentralization allows you to invest for the long term, and when you can invest for the long term, you can grow your investment. Long term investing approach is the only proven approach that has worked for everyday investors. To make the long-term investing approach more accessible, you must focus on decentralization.

This is why I invite you to join my community by investing in our “Bitcoin fund” only if you are serious about decentralization and want to be part of different cryptocurrency projects that can get more and more decentralized daily.

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