How chess can help anyone to succeed in crypto

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5 min readJan 26, 2023

In crypto, we can only find genuine opportunities to make money when we control losses. Mindfulness helps us stop losing money by making us more aware.

Benefits of meditating with chess

Chess requires us to control the center squares to win and investing requires us to buy undervalued crypto to make money. The more we practice these simple principles more we become experts. In chess and investing conservative approach creates more value than we can ever imagine. Being conservative in chess and investing is an endless quest. To reach that infinite quest, we need the eternal power of mindfulness. Chess and investing require a consistent conservative approach, which is not easy to achieve as it requires lifelong practice. Mindfulness can help us achieve that conservative approach.

The Conservative approach is a universal rule

The conservative approach in chess and investing helps us get the slightest “risk-free” profit-making opportunities.

The game of chess is about controlling the center, and the fun of investing is about buying an undervalued asset. It is hard to be conservative in every second in chess and investing, but that is the only approach that can give us long-lasting success, and mindfulness practice for lifelong connects us with that approach. The more we control the center squares, the more we create winning opportunities in chess, and similarly, the more undervalued asset we buy, the higher our odds of making profits in crypto.

We can achieve a conservative approach in the cryptocurrency market by developing thinking of using our existing resources, and using existing resources require awareness. We can achieve higher awareness by practicing meditation. The Conservative approach in chess and investing is not something that we can achieve overnight or nor is it something that will evaporate after we accomplish that approach. Only after developing our ability to use the resources(chess pieces) can we become mainstream players in investing(chess). The more resources we use, the higher our odds of controlling the losses in the crypto world. That is why chess meditation is an important aspect that connects us with the wisdom of being conservative. We will discuss that at the end of this content in more detail.

Chess meditation allows us to be entertained while doing meditation, which is crucial because meditation is challenging, although it gives us peace after every session.

Chess meditation connects us with the complexity of succeeding in crypto by understanding the complexity of chess. Chess meditation connects us with the importance of valuation in crypto. Chess meditation allows us to realize that understanding the valuation of a crypto project is tough and succeeding in crypto is even more challenging. So the more we accept such complexities higher our odds of succeeding because then we are forced to use our consciousness. Practicing chess meditation allows us to use every rule of success we know to follow in crypto because we accept that success in the crypto market is indeed more complex than we think. Chess meditation is all about buying the concept that, Succeeding in crypto is ten times more complicated than the complexity of chess. The more we are conservative about our success in crypto, the higher the odds of indeed being successful because we know we have the power of mindfulness to help us solve this complex problem.

Infinite profit-making opportunities occur when we become infinitely conservative.

Chess meditation allows us to understand that reality by accepting that it is hard to comprehend chess moves played by the grand masters. I will also put a video at the end to help you understand how chess meditation works. The crypto market is bound to make a mistake by either allowing us to buy undervalued crypto or allowing us to launch a successful crypto project. To let that happen, we need to accept that success in crypto is indeed complex.

Meditating with chess is a powerful tool because it is a simple solution to the complex problem of succeeding in crypto. When we think that making money in crypto is an automatic process, we stay away from learning. When we stay away from learning, we do not become conservative; without being conservative, we cannot succeed. Everyone is trying to make money in crypto, but the ones who stay the most conservative will likely grow because they use the power of mindfulness directly or indirectly.

We will discuss how to meditate with chess at the end of this blog. Before that, we will discuss how owning chess NFTs can help us lifelong.

How does owning the chess NFTs increase their value

Owning an NFT that will increase in value after you own it is easier said than done. An NFT can only grow in value if the community is connected deeply. Building such a community is a lifelong process, and giving it a long-term approach is necessary even if we achieve massive success in the short term. The inner bond between our community, especially on the internet, is challenging but can be done if we do it with the correct intentions. Community bonding happens when a community does something important together consistently.

Owning our chess NFTs will not only enable you to give access to meditate with like-minded people, but we will give half of NFT money earned to charity online. Giving away money online to charity requires a lot of discussions because the authenticity of a charity and a charity that can be transparent to donate to is complex. Only our community will decide which charities should be given money and for what causes. Your role as a community member becomes essential because you can play an important part in determining which charities should be given funds and in what amount. Giving away together will be a deciding factor in building the community’s growth.

When giving away becomes a project, we are likely to grow as a community together, and it will also help increase the NFTs’ value in the long term, if not in the short time.

How to meditate with chess

You can meditate with chess by inhaling with every chess move and accepting that success in crypto is just like these complex chess moves that you cannot understand, and that is why we need a higher power of meditation to help us find a key to that difficult lock of success in crypto.

Watch this video and allow yourself to accept that success in crypto is as complex as these chess moves and tap into the power higher than you, which can help you grow in crypto.

Own our chess NFTs and be part of a growing community that gives and meditates together. Link to chess NFT page on Opensea.