How good NFTs help you grow in crypto

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4 min readJan 26, 2023

Looking at our chess NFTs allows you to accept the seriousness required to succeed long-term. When we focus on the severity of success rather than success, we become wise, which is what chess NFTs are all about. Chess is a complex game with simple strategies to win, just like crypto. Meditation allows us to connect all of us with that wisdom. Meditation allows us to understand the power of compassion in the cryptocurrency market. That is why half of the revenue generated from NFTs is given to charities, and only the community can decide the amount and charity. This process creates a solid bond between community members and helps them meditate together. It is challenging for any community to sustain itself long-term if it doesn’t participate in something good; this is why most communities fail in the NFT market.

Chess meditation allows us to be aware of not making even the slightest possible mistake as cryptocurrency investors. Most investors still need to pass this barrier. Most investors make massive mistakes in a small span of their crypto journey and eventually leave the crypto market. Chess meditation allows us to meditate faster by accepting that success in crypto is complex and that we need power higher than all of us to succeed. Meditation is a simple strategy that can help us thrive in crypto. Chess meditation allows us to do that faster by allowing us to accept that crypto success is more complicated and more complex than we assume. We need to understand the complex chess moves shown in our NFT video to enable us to accept that success in crypto is also difficult. If you assume a chess move and the player’s move differs from your assumption, then you’re probably mistaken because highly professional chess players have played these games. So being wrong in your assumption allows you to accept that you can also be wrong in judging your success in crypto, which can be more complex. Mindfulness will enable you to receive the severity of your crypto success when you inhale with every chess move.

Increasing the value of chess NFT is also important because only when you can sell your NFT at a higher price can you get a return on your investments. But that can only happen with a solid community; we need to work as a team to have a stable community. That is why we will give fifty percent of the income generated by the NFTs to charities that accept crypto online. The community’s role here becomes vital to ensure this money reaches the poor. This process creates an infinite bond between community members and helps them meditate online together. The stronger the community better it is for the value of our chess NFTs. So this chess NFT holds multiple value propositions, and we are likely to succeed due to this entirely different approach.

Meditation makes us compassionate, and that compassion becomes necessary to succeed in crypto. This is why giving away crypto is essential to our ecosystem. Giving away a specific portion of the NFT income and meditation of the community will go hand in hand.

After all, if mindfulness does not make us compassionate by giving away a specific portion of profits, what is the point of meditating?

Mindfulness improves compassion, and compassion helps us use all our existing resources to succeed in crypto. Crypto is a competitive market, so if we become late in utilizing our talent or resources to grow in crypto, it will have its own cost. Mindfulness allows us to help us achieve success in crypto in the fastest way possible.

Only community members who own our chess NFT will decide which charities to give money to and that charity’s transparency will be the community’s responsibility. This unites the community and grows the community, and gradually helps increase the value of NFT.

The more we meditate and accept that success in crypto is not easy, the higher our odds of being compassionate and mindful. We connect with the universal power through this process.

Chess meditation videos, if you keep observing them repeatedly, help you meditate faster by allowing you to understand the complexity of crypto success through the complexity of chess. The more you watch the video, the more you will appreciate the complex chess moves and the more you will accept that success in crypto is complex.

Success in crypto is all about sticking to basics, and what can be more fundamental than being mindful?

When we stick to basics, we are less likely to make mistakes, and only that approach can help us succeed. Sticking to basics is all about being persistent. Sticking to basics like mindfulness to grow for the long term in crypto will be rewarding for some soon and others in a long time, but it will reward everyone.

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