How to avoid NFTs that can fall like a house of cards

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8 min readFeb 3, 2023

Finding new NFT communities that qualify for your strict investing rules is hard, but only through persistence will you be able to find such NFTs. Investing in NFTs is challenging, but there are always methods to find suitable investments. We will have to ask questions about the quality of an NFT community because that is crucial in identifying good NFTs.

We cannot outsmart simple investing rules; we can only align ourselves with them to get the highest possible advantage. An NFT project can show you fascinating things, but what matters the most is the community and the community’s lifelong commitment to the project. We can only improve our skills in analyzing an NFT community by asking questions. Many NFT projects will make money from newbie investors by creating fake hype, but if you focus on exploring the long-term growth of that NFT community, you can save yourself from such fake promotion. We will likely lose money when we invest in an NFT project lacking a robust community. If we can’t even ask ourselves why the project I am investing in has no solid community? Then we deserve to lose money. Things are connected. Your money-making opportunities in NFT are directly associated with that project’s community. If we don’t analyze a community before investing, we are fooling ourselves into that we are investors. We have to be wise and careful when investing in NFTs, and the first step is to analyze the community’s internal bond. Researching the community is the most logical thing to do before investing in NFTs. The analysis allows us to make rational decisions.

Most NFT projects find difficulty in building a solid community, so they rely on luck part by taking chances with creating fascinating NFTs.

I feel sad for people who have already lost their money in the NFT market, but now I aim to educate them to focus on the community’s internal bond. What has happened cannot be changed, but we can take precautions for the future. I feel the pain of losing money and keeping that pain inside you because discussing our failed investments is the most challenging. Because we can’t talk, we hold that pain inside our minds and body. Pain has to be released, and that pain can only be removed by educating ourselves with the correct NFT investment strategy. Pain will be removed slowly as you keep learning about the importance of investing only in NFTs with a great community. If you find a community that consistently donates together, then the compounding effect of that compassionate work will create miracles.

There is no more enormous power than emotions; if the community members are emotional about each other, those emotions will create tremendous growth for the NFT project.

Emotional bonding can move mountains. These emotions are way more potent than most NFT artwork in which people invest millions of dollars. The longer the bond stays higher the chance that the more power it can create for tremendous growth because the compounding effect has its magic. Facing reality will be necessary before investing in NFTs, and that reality is the internal bond of the community members. Challenging thoughts are essential for evolution, and allowing ourselves to focus on the NFT communities before we invest is as powerful and demanding as it can get. The more we train our minds to understand a community higher our odds of finding quality NFTs investment opportunities. A community’s internal bond is a make-or-break thing for any NFT project. Still, NFT creators give minimal effort in this direction; even worse, only a few investors are aware of the importance of NFT communities.

The emotional bond between community members gets deeper when they donate together for charity work. The question is how the charity money will come. That can only come through profits made by NFT creators.

This simple process creates a long-lasting bond between community members of that particular NFT project. Focusing on the communities with the tremendous internal bond will decide your growth as an investor in NFTs. Community bond decides the future value of that NFT, not some random artistic images generated by ai software. Most NFT projects think that the more they create random images through software, the higher they will make money. That sometimes happens as uneducated investors get distracted by the artwork, but utility and community bonds are necessary for an investor to understand. You will have to keep asking questions to an infinite extent about an NFT community’s internal bond because the more you ask such questions higher the chance that you will make money.

My job is to educate you, but it is your job to follow my instructions because it is your money. We have created a community where we give away half of our profits to community members so they can donate together. This process will create an infinite bond between our community members. Through this bond, our NFT can find solid growth and a gradually increased demand for our NFTs. You will be amazed when you find NFTs with solid communities. The vibration of growth will be felt, and all that can start when you ask questions about the quality of the community. Building a solid community is not easy; that is why most NFT creators do not even try and hide behind creating NFT artwork. What is the point of creating artwork when there is no one to understand and value that artwork? Many NFT projects try to manipulate people through various tactics, but all those tactics will be revealed when you start analyzing their NFT community. The best way to explore their community is by understanding how much they donate together and how transparent that donation process is.

We can invest with relief when we know what answers to look for. Try to understand what level of internal bond is between community members, and you will have a great idea about the NFT project’s long-term growth. We do not need to be scared, but we need to be conservative. This change in our behavior comes when we focus on what a community is donating together. When we focus on what community is donating together, we can analyze the internal bond between community members and thus help us identify the long-term growth of that NFT project. Sooner or later, the fraud or NFT projects without solid communities will evaporate, but we do not want to be part of that declining journey.

“Risk comes from not knowing what we are doing.”- Warren buffet.

When we focus on the community, we will likely control the risk of losing money. Community bonding is directly in proportion to the amount they donate. NFT projects love to live in the illusion that they can succeed without building a solid community, but investors will discover the community’s importance sooner or later.

A community’s internal bonding builds the path of an NFT project’s success. We repeat that 100 times a day; we will likely become wise NFT investors in a month and acquire years of NFT investing wisdom. NFT founders focus their energy on building a visually better NFT. Still, they need to understand the inevitable main point of building a solid community which is a million times more important for their success. Only we are responsible for our hard-earned money, so we must understand the internal bond between community members of an NFT project we are looking to invest in. Overconfidence in our NFT investing abilities will only harm us if we do not understand the lifelong bond between community members. NFT creators need to realize that even if they sell NFTs without building a solid community, their short-term success will evaporate sooner or later. If founders start focusing on building a community, they will come up against their inner fears because real growth does not come without inner growth. So, building a solid community may look tough initially, but it will be long-lasting because success achieved after fighting the inner devil always lasts long.

Investors need to understand the internal bond between community members if they genuinely want to make money by helping society. A solid community can benefit society through their NFTs, and NFT holders can also profit from their NFT holdings. If NFT founders genuinely want to succeed, building a robust community is their only option for long-lasting success. If an NFT project is genuinely helping its NFT holders, why on earth will they not have a solid community? The more NFT founders face the fact that they need to build a robust community higher the odds of making their NFT project a success. NFT investors and founders can only have long-lasting success with a solid community, which is the most significant unspoken truth in the NFT market. It is better to bet on the community rather than allow our NFT price to fall like a house of cards.

NFT investors can make money only if they are sure of the long-term growth of an NFT project, and that growth can only happen with a long-term community. The best trait of a long-term community is to identify how much the community is donating together. The higher the amount they have donated together can give us a great idea about their internal bond and sustainability as a community. Compassionate work together creates a bond that is hard to break. The inflated price of NFTs without the backing of a solid community is nothing short of a bubble. I respect artwork done in NFTs, but very NFTs are doing that. Hiding behind AI-generated artwork cannot be a good strategy for your NFT investments. The best way to analyze a community is to know how they are donating, what they are donating, and how much they are donating together. These three questions will help you understand their internal bonding quickly. NFT founders need to give a particular portion of profits back to the community to give it to society so that the giving process can create a solid bond between existing community members.

NFT projects need to find a way to unite their community members and make their internal bonds deeper, and that can only happen when community members donate together. Nothing stays inflated for an extended period, and NFTs without solid community backing usually carry inflated prices.

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