How to be a successful crypto investor? Part 10

When a new community member joins your group and if he is welcomed by other community members he will feel very homely immediately. This is the reason I keep saying that making a project successful is a team effort. More lavishing his welcome higher the odds of him becoming a long-term associate of the project. If a few community members immediately start knowing about him by asking questions then he is likely to feel at home even more. The more consistency in this behavior by the other community members the better. If you don't love building the community then the world’s most beautiful workplace also can't help you grow. Uniformity always keeps things beautiful and that is the reason why everyday efforts should not under any circumstances fall below a certain level of daily input. The more beauty in the project felt by other community members higher the odds of keeping things in uniformity. The more seamless the process of building a community, the more beautiful it is for you. When you are eating dinner in your beautiful backyard with your friends you should feel at ease because you know that you are providing a lot of value to your community members and thus to everyday users. Zenness comes when we provide value to everyday users through growing our community. The overall vibe when new members join in should be extremely positive for them. You will have to utilize every opportunity to make a new member feel at home. Even if you are facing issues with building a good community mentioning those issues to existing community members can give you a better output.

The more natural and obliged your existing community feels about solving your issues the better. Always take care of the community members who take care of new community members. At least we must answer every question asked by them. If a guest comes to your home for a stay you are likely to treat them like family members and in the same way, we must treat the community members like our family. If community members feel their growth then nothing can match that feeling. Remember, what is needed is needed and the hard work to build a community is needed for every successful project. Sometimes you might need to relax when you are going through the everyday process of building a community and at the same time developing the project. Take a quick and effective break and if time gives you permission then take a much longer break as well. This break you will take is to recharge you and recharging yourself will also help your community and your end users. Having a solid community is a form of luxury and if you think that it is not then ask those who do not have community backing. But luxury needs care and maintenance. For some founders, things work without the community. They do the development of the project alone and then people join later on. Works for them but the odds also work against them. The more your community wants to be a part of your project more comfortably you will be able to offer great products to your users.

Attention to detail is very essential in order to create a great community. You are likely to focus on the small details of building the community only when you will realize that community's growth and customers' growth are aligned. Main members of your community are likely to provide more value and the longer they keep providing more value higher their odds of providing more and more value in the future. It is okay if we have to give extra liberty or a little extra authority to main community members because it will be likely that they have earned that respect. Recognizing the efforts of top community members will help you to utilize them in an even more efficient way. It doesn't mean that they are your only focus so please be aware of this fact. Another way to judge your top community members is to know how much they are famous to other community members. Your community will be special and one of a kind and to build such things will require a lot of effort in most cases. Young community members will have more energy and more ideas while older community members may have spot-on solutions because of their wisdom. But make no mistake that nothing is for sure. In the end, you will have to judge things based on the vibe you get.

You will have to get the best out of every community member for their growth and to provide great value to end users. In the end, what matters is how much value you provide to all of them. The community is made of investors mostly and they are looking for value so every line we speak should be about the value to them and it is likely that if they feel value then you will be able to provide value to the end users. The community just wants to be sure that they are being part of something that provides massive value to end users. Value has to be felt by the community and more they have the feeling that you all are providing something great to end users they are likely to be at least interested in what you do. Showing interest harms no one. The vibe of massive value can only be felt. The more community feels that massive value is being provided to end users higher the odds of them being part of your vision. The community members are looking for massive returns on their investments but it is only possible when the project itself provides massive value to end users. Value to the end user should be such that they should feel a significant change in at least a couple of major areas of their life. The way we feel a great vibe when we enter a club to party, the community members and users should feel the same vibe. It is hard to create such products overnight but they need to know that you are committed to creating something great.

When Americans were provided a declaration of independence it provided massive value for generations. That is what the word value means and users are looking for massive value and as a by-product, the community members are going to get massive value on their investments. Gandhi provided value to India for generations by presenting against the Britishers without doing any violence. Without providing massive value to end users one should not expect any financial gains as a community member. Community members should always keep in mind that providing massive value to end users is a team effort. When end users get the massive value they are likely to reward the token holders with massive value through the generation of profits. Token holders are generally community members only. More value we can provide as a community to more users the better. If we have a small number of users then we will have to provide massive value to them in order to profit from them and for that, the community needs to be creative. Under any circumstances, the community needs to understand that the customer needs to be provided with way more value than what they are paying for.

As a community, it is everybody’s role to keep their mind occupied to find ways for the end users to get more value. To get multiple-fold returns on your investments you need to work on providing value in multiple ways as a community.

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