How to be a successful crypto investor? Part 11

You are here to give your community value and your community should help you give something valuable to the end users. This is the cycle. Building a community is an art and that art can be accomplished when you have compassion for end users. To help the end users you do not have to wait until you find customers that can pay you for your services, you can already start helping them by building a great community. People do not realize this simple process that allows the users to start with the uncertainty of building a community. Letting go when a community member doubts your ability to reach the vision you promised is also very essential to grow. The community is never big initially, we all have to work hard to build it. Not getting the response that you were looking for from your own community can be a little unpleasant but you need to learn to counter that feeling. Focusing on the process of building the community may sound a little silly to many but that is the process to transform a new crypto project into a really successful project.

Passion can take you to places that no one else can go to. Building the community should be your passion and it is a daily learning process. Beauty lies in the process rather than the end results so it is very essential to find beauty in the process of building the community. Always looking at the community feedback is a habit. It is imperative to understand the way our happiness lies in people around us like our family, in the same way, the growth of the project lies in the growth of our community. Simplicity keeps things beautiful and focusing on the growth of the community keeps the project growing because end users are happy. When things are open communication is better and that is the reason users should be easily above to communicate with the team and also if possible then to the active community members so they can also provide some input to help users. Looking at the beauty can give us peace and looking at the great products you create in association with your community can also give you peace. The busier the community higher the odds of getting positive vibes. It also encourages other community members and new members to take part in the process of growth. People will behave in the way they want to and the community as a whole can also behave in whatever they want to. It gives them an opportunity to express themselves. It will be amusing even for you as a project founder to see people from different cultures mixing with each other. As a whole, your community will develop a unique character of its own. Hard work is necessary but relaxation is also necessary sometimes and the same way if your community doesn’t provide massive value for a short period that should be fine for all. Just imagine that they are relaxing during this period. No matter what you do without a solid community it is likely that the project won’t be successful. Even bitcoin in the early stage of development had some passionate people behind it apart from Satoshi. Satoshi just gave a basic infrastructure and an idea. If your community members are not willing to spread your project then you need to work hard. It is not about the impact that community makes on others but it is more about knowing how passionate your community is.

People travel the world to find peace but they don’t look inside them for peace and in the same way, people will do everything thing makes their projects successful but will not focus on building a community. Why do you think these 5-star resorts run and go so full? They give an illusion that they may give you the peace you are looking for with their costly rooms. That never happens. In the same way, it is likely that focusing on the process outside building a community will help the project grow. When you stay in a 5-star property there will be a point when you will realise that you need to face yourself and in the same way, there will be a point after trying different things that you will come to the conclusion that building a community is the most important thing. You can have all the lavish food available at your tip but if you are not happy inside you can’t enjoy that food and in the same way, you can’t have sustainable growth without a sustainable community. Resorts are mostly made on land outside the city to give you an even more feeling of peace but again peace comes from inside us and similarly, growth comes when community building happens and the community wants you to be committed to creating the best possible products for the end customers. Lavishness is peace and growth and the community wants to grow with peace. Peace will come to the community when they know that you are committed to delivering a great product no matter what. Peace will come to the community when they know that you are focused on creating a product by listening to the users. The community will be at peace when they know that you will deliver when you face competition. Maintaining a large community can only happen when you keep delivering great products to customers. Building a sustainable community means facing huge challenges because you need to build great products in order to make a community sustainable. Focusing on delivering great products requires focus. When you go to a club and check out a girl it requires mental energy and you will have to avoid all these in order to build something great. Trust me this is just a basic level of dedication that is needed. It is possible that even girls will check you out but you will have to avoid all that in order to stay focused because you are responsible for the growth of your community and its finances. You will have to focus on your health as well while building and maintaining a solid community if you are above 35.

Your focus matters more than you think. There is a possibility that when times get tough you simply want to give up and run. You will have to believe in the process of listening to the customers. Yeah, that is the only thing you will be able to control. If you focus on listening to your customers you will be able to build with a focus in the difficult times as well. A lot of crypto projects do exit scams because they find growth and then they suddenly decide to take the money and run away. After all, crypto is not regulated. But there is something called moral responsibility that if you don't follow you are likely to be doomed in the longer run. Maintaining a solid community means only one thing and that is growth. Growth happens when you keep delivering solid products or you keep acquiring more and more users for the existing products. Crypto gives us the opportunity to create something beyond existence. Bitcoin is one such product. You are likely to value your community more when your aim is very high to build something great for customers. Creating great products should be your ultimate goal and as a byproduct, you are likely to understand that you will need solid community backing. Honestly, even your community wants this but their problem is whom they can trust. The more you focus on your community higher your odds of getting a clear vision for your ultimate products. Community is more about growing together to focus on a common goal. It is always hard for anyone to build something alone. One can build something huge alone once in a while but overall it is unlikely. Only your vision to build something great can give you the energy to work hard on building and maintaining a solid community. Struggling to build a community makes you determined to create great products. So even your struggle is something that is helping you and your community.

The problem is that it has become our habit to focus on the market cap of our token and that is what is making everyone greedy. Jeff Bezos always mentioned that I never focused on the stock price of amazon but always on customers. Focusing on the customer excites your community and that is the only thing that provides value but you need to have a community that can believe your this particular vision. Everyone is working but those that work in the right direction get the biggest pie. The single biggest difference between a successful and failed crypto project will be the attitude towards listening to the customers. People say that this project is cool and those founders are cool but the real cool founders are the ones that listen to the customers every second. They should be able to breathe the need of their customers. Patterns can be found when we look at things from the top and that is what one needs to do when listening to customers. Focusing on the long-term growth of the project will give you the top view. Only this view can help us find out the real need of the customers. Some albums or songs are heard everywhere because everyone loves those songs and in the same way, only a few products that you created by listening to the customers will create waves and most might not be wanted by other customers but that is the rule. Failing is the rule. Only failure should give you success. Failing fast and failing big are the criteria for fast and big success for your community. Glamour, money, and all other similar things always attract people because it gives them an illusion of gaining something quickly but the process of failing hard is exactly the opposite of these things. To build and help your community grow you will need to fail big and hard.

When I see women working hard and becoming successful always excites me because whether we believe it or not a lot of men do not like their spouses to be working and not taking care of their home. Men will say that they want their spouse to be successful but they really do not mean that in many cases. In the same way, a lot of founders will say that they are listening to their customers but it is generally not the case. When we are not listening to the person sitting in front of us he is likely to check his mobile because he feels that he is not being heard. Same way, when we do not listen to the customers they are likely to leave your platform.

If you do not listen to your friend while talking, he will check his phone. Then, how can you expect when you do not listen to your customers then they will pay anything to you?

Habit is such a thing that takes years to build and sometimes years to quit. Listening to the customers is a habit that you do not want to quit. Customers want you to solve their important problems. In fact, when working on a crypto project it is likely that you will be working hard to solve customers’ problems every day and it can also be a great idea to share that with the world by posting videos about how hard you are trying to solve the customers’ problems. When we chose a cafe to meet with friends we are likely to choose a place where a decent crowd comes because we like to be surrounded by beautiful people and similarly, we will have to find beauty in the customers’ needs. You will have to feel that you are surrounded by beautiful things when listening to the customers. Beauty lies in the next best thing that customers need. It is possible that you might have to go through some patience because it is not easy to find big customer problems consistently. Customers might not even want to tell you what the exact problem is so it is your duty to find out what problems they are having in order to solve it. Customers can push you just to let you know what problems they are facing. Building a great community is a by-product of a great customer-centric attitude. There should be a solid reward program or process to support those community members who help you gain new users or help you to get new users. Even airlines that run on small margins give rewards on the basis of miles their customers fly with their airlines. Enjoying the process of building a community by creating products that customers want is very important. It is possible that your product was never designed to reach millions of users but only a few thousand users so in that case what will you do? Will you be sad? Will you give up? Nope. You did help thousands of users. So enjoying the process is far more important than the results you get because results will be unpredictable in many cases.

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