How to be a successful crypto investor? Part 5

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14 min readSep 8, 2022

The problem with most crypto founders is that they are trying to build something huge alone or with a few team members but the only problem is that your odds of building something alone work against you. Odds have to be in your favor and to make odds in your favor you need a great community behind you. Even one good community member is sometimes enough to create a great project as long as he is passionate. It is better to have a single community member behind you who is passionate rather than a small team that is less passionate. Trying different things as a founder will only stop you from creating a great product. You already have the greatest treasure to be successful and that lies in building your community. Stop looking elsewhere. When you are true to yourself you are more likely to focus on building the community. The problem is that people are not even true to themselves and that is the reason they can't focus on building the community. First, you should believe in your mind that you are already in your community. Once it is conceived in your mind it is likely that you will conceive it in reality. I keep saying in a lot of my videos that you will have to keep training yourself to build a great community. That training will not only help you build the community but also it will help you to maintain and grow that community.

When someone shows a lot of confidence then you are likely to lose a little confidence because sometimes things are binary and zero-sum. Same way when your community sees that you have a belief in accomplishing something great then you are likely to win their confidence in you because you have that belief. When you focus on the growth of the community without worrying about the revenue of the crypto project, you are likely to be free and only when you become free you can grow yourself and your community. Focusing on your community will make your coin sustainable. You will have to believe that it is possible for you to work freely without getting busy and that can only happen when you have the leverage of your community. You will have to believe that you and your community are growing together. You will conceive what you believe in. A lot of crypto founders build or try to maintain the community at the cost of their money or other investors' money or even at the cost of their health. None of those things are required. You can grow and at the same time, your community can also grow it's just you need the determination to find a way for that. The quality of your project’s growth is interconnected with the quality of your personal growth and your community’s growth. They all will go hand in hand.

We think that taking action of some kind is necessary every day for the growth of the project but you are missing the point that just taking action in creating a great community is the real action. Your self-doubts come from your past actions when you tried to create something and you failed but it is possible that this time things have changed and the biggest proof that things have changed for you is that you are reading this article. The movement inside your mind which keep making you do random things for the growth of your project will stop when you understand the importance of building a solid community. You will feel that the more you try to do different things to make your crypto project successful more you will realize that you will need to actually work hard to build a solid community. Building a thriving community is not wishful thinking, it is hard work at peace. Your project will never die as long as your community doesn't die even when you as a founder die. The best example of this is pancake swap a project that was abandoned by the founders because of fraud but the community was thriving and they made it possible for the project to grow and now it is one of the biggest crypto success stories. As I said you may die but your project won’t die as long as you have a thriving community. This is the power of a community.

The more you are connected with the things outside the idea of building a great community it is the clear indication that you are still not focused. If you are thinking about ten different projects without the help of the community you are clearly not focused. I haven't seen any crypto project becoming successful without a thriving community. I know you have seen the dream of you being successful but that dream will be accomplished only with a thriving community. When you are taking care of your body by walking just remember that it is possible that building a thriving community may take better care of your body because it will give real peace. Of course, I'm a big believer in exercise and gyming but it is just that mental peace can give us a better body in most cases. You can even enjoy your walking if you remember at every step that you are in the process of building a thriving community. When human beings first learned to walk or run it was for their survival but now if we are running then it has to be behind creating a thriving community because that will be the way of survival in the modern world of investing. It is possible that you find such joy when investing your time in creating a thriving community that you might not even need to exercise because you stay so happy in this process that you have almost stopped being sad and stressed. It is likely that the more you try to put efforts outside of building a community you will be more stressed. They both go hand in hand. Thinking about building a community can be done at every moment. You can think about it while parking a car when you are on a lift when you are opening the door of your house when you are saying hi to your neighbor when you are sitting in the library and reading, when you are out in a cafe or a restaurant or even when you are having a good time with your friends because it is likely that building a successful community will give you the highest possible joy.

I believe that walking is a great practice because it not only allows you to take care of your body but it also allows you to think about how you can build a great community in a more efficient way. It works really for both purposes. Once you get into the zone of walking and thinking about building a great community together it is likely that you won’t want to stop. The moment you realize that your community is the real home you are likely to gain real success. Each effort you put into building your community will make your project grow. The impact might not be seen immediately but the impact will be seen. Don't ever think that if you were developer things would have been easy for you in crypto. Success in crypto happens due to a thriving community and for that, it is not necessary for you to be a developer. You can use other skills to develop a great community. Every moment when you remember that building a community is your real success you are in the moment of truth. The more you stay in these moments of truth more you are likely to succeed. It will be easier for you to face the challenges when your focus is on building the community and it will be easier for you to face the inner fears to get through the challenges when you have the community's backing. If you realize that nothing is permanent then you are likely to build a great community. If you realize that even though you might not have a thriving community right now that is not permanent and things will change with your dedicated efforts. It is also possible that your community might vanish after they feel that your project might not grow from this point. As I said, nothing is permanent. Just embrace the change with an open heart. When you realize that nothing is permanent you are likely to take more and more actions to create a thriving community and you will work even harder when you realize that your community may leave you if they don't see any further growth. The community is interested in the growth of your project because they know that that is where their growth lies the same way you know that your growth lies in your community’s growth. If you understand that your community is not permanent you are likely to be enjoying more with your community and you are going to value them each and every second.

Every single moment of trying to create a great community will lead you to believe that life is pretty because in the competition to succeed we have forgotten that we have to enjoy life and that is the reason I must encourage you to believe that enjoying the process of building a community is very essential. If you can't enjoy this process how is it possible that you will be able to do it for a longer period of time? … Every breath we take should be for the growth of the community because that is where the miracle in our life lies. Fear of failure has stopped you from trying. You have a fear of failure because you were not aware of the steps you need to take to succeed as a crypto founder but now I'm pretty sure that you have some idea about what steps to take because you know the end goal now. Creating a thriving community. The more we realize that our growth lies in the community more energy we will put into our project and the more focus we will have because now we know exactly what to do. Understanding this will stop you from wasting any time. It is very important to remember that even if after a few years your product is not needed by your users you can still create something great again because you have the support of your community. Just remember that if you have put more energy than required into building a good community then that extra energy will be used no matter what. It will be used either in growing your project or when you want to create something together after your product dies due to a lack of product market fit. It can happen.

It is also possible that the energy you are putting into giving your community certain types of wisdom will be used by them in other aspects of life as well and through that, they can find a deeper bond with you. your job is to do whatever you can do for the growth of your community. When we focus on giving our community something huge without any expectations in return, we have touched the true goal and we are likely to succeed. Remember that the energy of your community keeps changing every moment because every moment as humans they are changing. If they find a positive change in them through your project they are likely to create even more positive energy and vice versa. Just remember that your community at the micro level is changing every moment and you need to be aware of those changes because that will bring you more clarity and keep you alert to everyday changes. Every moment you can feed your community with your great vision and nurture them with positivity. You will get whatever you feed into them. When you realize that the success of your project depends on non-you elements you are likely to succeed because the only human element left is your community. Do not put the seeds of things that you do not want to see in your community. Remember that if you are starting out alone and you do not have any community then you will find one. Not having a community is only defining your current state and you do not belong to this state forever. If you work hard of course things will change. Even a week’s focus on building a thriving community can give you amazing results. I am damn sure that you will at least feel the vibration of your efforts.

It is possible that your community may lose faith in you over time for many different reasons but you can still regain the faith if you offer them real growth again. The community came because they wanted growth and they will again have the same energy if they see the growth. Remember that the seed of growth is still there. The moment you lose faith in your community you are likely to not focus on the community’s growth. The moment you lose focus on the community you are likely to feel stressed because you know at a deeper level that you are off track. If you yourself have lost that connection with your community then I would recommend going through all the past chats your community has done with you and whatever they have talked with each other. This may help us realize how far we have come and how far we can still go. Your community is always alive and the way we have to nurture our body with different foods we have to nurture our community with different types of efforts that helps them grow through our product. Because community is not permanent we will have to nourish it. Nourishing daily means daily growth. Practicing to think about the growth of your community will keep you away from the uncertainty that your mind will have to handle otherwise.

We at long-term coin believe that growing our community is the real way to grow. We are highly focused on growing our community and because of that, we want to do everything with the consent of our community. The smallest decision that we make has to be done with the consent of the community. We know that the growth of long-term coin totally depends on the growth of our community and that is the reason we have stopped craving things no matter how alluring they are outside our community. We know that the growth of the community is the process of this moment and if we think outside that then we are getting sucked into the future ambitions which are good but actions happen when you do things in the present. We understand that the growth of the community only happens when we stop the craving of focusing on the things outside our community. We understand that focusing outside the growth of our community is nothing but an illusion the same way we focus on external things like money, sex, power, etc. At first, we felt that we might lose the path of growing as a project in crypto if we only focus on the growth of the community but gradually we understood that this is the right and only way for any project in crypto. We feel that we are already succeeding when we focus on the growth of the community. We understand that focusing on anything outside our community isn't worth it that much apart from users’ satisfaction. It is not that there are no other ways to grow your crypto project but it is just that they carry a lot of dangers with them and that is not good for the long-term growth of the project. People are afraid of losing the community and with that, the future finance required for that may evaporate but if one truly focuses on the community it is possible that you won't even need to worry about that. The major role of the community is to give valuable inputs to grow your project rather than providing finance. I understand that finance is also necessary but there are other things too that are as important as that or mostly even more important. We want to create a great community so we can not only create a great product but also we can help them connect with the deeper cause in life. We have understood the reality that the long-term coin is not to entertain anyone and we don't want to be part of the crowd because that has what led most projects to focus on things outside of growing their community and eventually to their failure.

Yes, it is possible that a lot of crypto projects and investors may make fun of us but we will never take our focus away from the growth of our community. Please make no mistake that customer satisfaction only comes when we have a successful crypto community. The way wealth doesn't give us happiness but only freedom to buy things, same way focusing outside our community won’t give us real success. This is easy to understand but extremely hard to apply and no wonder most crypto projects fail because of this. We at long-term coin believe that it doesn't matter how much market cap we have but what matters to us is how many satisfied community members we have because of the growth we offered them. Most projects do everything apart from focusing on growing the community which leads them to create unnecessary products which people do not want, they waste the time and other resources of their community, they do exit scams in some cases or they change their main token and launch different tokens. All of these actions are the results of not focusing on the growth of the community. When we go outside of the thinking of growing our community immediately we ask ourselves whether this step is coming out of some short-term craving that only cares for the growth of the team or is it really important for the growth of the community. Asking this question when we are doing something without the consent of the community is very essential. This process is true decentralization which is the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto.

We know that finding ways to grow the community and help them grow financially will create more success for the project than just thinking about our own financial success. Our financial success may be a by-product of the community’s financial success. If you see the successful projects in the past it is pretty clear that all of them had one trait in common and that was that their community as a whole succeded to unimaginable levels financially. We have trained ourselves in the past and we are still training ourselves to focus on the growth of the community in all aspects and not only in the financial aspect although I'm pretty sure that most community members are looking to grow financially by being part of the long-term coin. If we ever go outside our vision of growing the community please share one of these articles with our team and I'm pretty sure that it will be enough for us to realize our main objective. We believe that it is impossible to fail if we focus on the growth of our community, especially in the financial aspect. Focusing on the growth of our community is a joyful moment and if you find joy while you are working you are likely to succeed and can do great things in the long term.

Any crypto project out there needs to understand that it is unlikely that a single founder will create some magical product and change the world. One needs the support of the community members and in order to gain their support the founder needs to be extremely determined to make them grow especially in the financial aspect. After all, what is the point of being successful if your own community doesn't feel their success? As of now, it is pretty clear to us that our own success is more likely to occur if our community succeeds. We know that when our community makes money it is just the money transferred to them from someone else for whom our community created value and when there is even a better community in any other crypto project then it is possible that the same money will be transferred to them. This thinking helps us create even more products for the growth of our community. Just focusing on the community member's daily discussions can give you the inspiration to grow. This can only happen when you feel that you all are one big family like brothers and sisters. Believing this to the core is very essential to seeing your community members with compassion. Only compassionate people will win. the more compassion community members carry for each other higher your odds of growing.

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