How to be a successful crypto investor? Part 6

Even if you have only 10 solid community members it is wonderful. You all can enjoy the journey of growth together. If you do not enjoy the journey because you have a very small community then you are likely to fail. You will have to understand that whether it is a small or a big community enjoying the journey of growth with them is essential for you. Crypto projects when working hard for themselves and not for the growth of the community, creates distance between two parties. This is the reason most community members leave the project because they feel neglected and when times get tough founders try to run away from all these. Even in difficult times if founders have the courage to tell the community that we are vulnerable and we need your help then things are likely to sort out in a way better way. The community is here to help you grow so why be ashamed of asking for help from the community? … Don't think that the community will judge you, in fact, they are also looking to create more value for you on their own.

Community members who are financially very sound have the opportunity to invest a higher amount of capital and then just do nothing. As long as those investors with bigger amounts are sure that the project is extremely focused on the growth of the community financially. A project that focuses on the growth of the community will also attract great investors. The vibrations will match sooner or later. Just finding the projects which can give you a decent valuation and mainly focuses on the community’s growth can possibly give investors the immense returns that they were looking for. The way the sun shines on the flower your wealth can also shine if you pick this type of project. Of course, it is possible that sometimes growth may take time but sooner or later things are likely to give great returns to the investors. Finding these types of projects and doing nothing after investing is also a hard job. An investor is likely to feel that he has done a great job as an investor if he can accomplish the above-mentioned things. I personally still feel that if an investor can create a great crypto product by creating a great community then that should be his first priority. Only if he has other commitments or if he is too old to work then only he should try to invest in such projects.

If you can’t create a solid community that can grow along with you then you need to ask yourself what is it that is stopping you from doing this. Is it some kind of fear? is it some kind of lack of skills and knowledge? Identify the reasons and start building it right now. One can get to all these answers if he can have an eye for compassion. Nature of compassion can create magic and do wonders for you when you are building a community. It is very hard because there is a long and big journey in creating a successful and thriving community. Keep practicing compassion towards the growth of the community every day and there will be a point when you will feel peace when building a community that can grow together in all aspects and not only in a financial aspect. When we are blinded by inner greed then only we cannot focus on the growth of the community so killing inner greed is the real skill to acquire to become a successful crypto founder. A founder is nothing but a person who has a vision that he wants to accomplish by giving valuable things to society.

Greed is what makes most crypto founders blind. Greed is making the whole world blind in fact. Killing inner greed and focusing on the growth of the community is an art and that art has to be developed over time. Staying calm as water when someone accuses you that you are not focusing on the growth of your community is very important. I understand that you truly care for your community and still someone from the community may tell you that you are not focusing on the growth of your community. It will be very easy for you to focus on the growth of the community and tackle such situations when you are filled with compassion for your community. If some fear is stopping from creating a thriving community then just let that fear go. Letting go is not easy but to be successful you will have to let go. It takes immense determination for any crypto project to focus on the growth of the community. They might feel stressed while not focusing on the growth of the community but to get the focus back on the community one needs to be determined. When you get your priorities straight you can let go of the frustration and anxiety you get while not focusing on the community’s success. If you find this exercise useful then please do it. Write down what is stopping you from developing something that can give a community success. After that, write down what you can do to make a community successful in mainly financial aspects. Just naming the things that you will have to let go of in order to create a great community will be a wonderful start. You might need the help of someone else in order to let go of things. Use it. Just keep believing in giving your community the success they deserve in order to execute your own vision of giving something to society and the world.

Discussing things with your top community members if not all community members in your difficult patches like when users are leaving you or you are not able to find new users for your products can be very helpful and you might feel at peace in those difficult periods. What I mean by top community members is members who provided the highest value to your project in the past. Just stop thinking about the difficulties that arose instead just start communicating with your important community members immediately in order to solve the problem. This is a solution that almost always can help you. When you go back to your community during painful periods you are likely to be at peace even when you don't know the solution to that problem. Just talking to them will give you the confidence that you will find the solution. When you go to your community in difficult times you not only help yourself but mainly you also help your community because both of you can grow now rather than you alone suffering. It is a form of transferring energy from negative to positive.

Sometimes there will be problems that can’t be solved overnight or sometimes there will be problems you just can’t do anything about but when you go back to your community and just share things with them you are going somewhere rather than nowhere by keeping things inside you. When you are hit by an arrow then there will be pain but if you are hit in the same place by another arrow your pain will be ten times. Same way when you encounter a problem of users leaving you there will be a pain but if you keep that pain inside you rather than talking it out with your community then the pain will be ten times more. Everything needs food to survive and when you do not share your problems with your community you are likely to feed food to that problem.

Without encountering difficulties there can’t be any growth but what we need to learn is how we handle those difficult problems with help of the community. There won’t be any success or failure for you when you realize that you all failed together and you all succeeded together. Words like success and failure can matter a lot for other crypto projects but it might not feel anything to you and your community because everything is collective here. There will not be any problem big enough if we can discuss it with our community. In fact, I believe that the more difficult your problem better it is for you to create an even more strong bond with your community. Again wisdom lies in how to grow your community by using difficult situations in favor of the growth and success of your community. Again let me be very clear that you are not weighing anything on your community nor you are running away from the responsibility of running away but you are just giving them an opportunity to grow with you by solving difficult problems together.

When words like success and failure don't matter to you and your community you all will be at peace and you all are likely to grow. In most cases, I'm a true believer that difficult problems discussed with the community are likely to be solved. Focusing to this extent and believing that this is great for customers is a rebellious thing and please remember that this process is only going to help your customers solve their difficult problems regarding their finances in crypto. Each day's agenda should be clear and that should be to make your community successful in financial aspects at the same make no mistake you will also grow your customer satisfaction because they both go hand in hand. The best way to start your new community is to create social media followers and then ask them to join your vision, I know for sure that some people will align themselves with your vision and you all can grow together. Most projects in crypto are copying the ways of other crypto projects because they do not have a clear path and that is the reason that one after another most projects fail. Only a few survive who intentionally or unintentionally understood the importance of community. Most crypto projects are blindsided by blockchain technology and what it can accomplish. Of course, blockchain is magical but they are not looking at their own community that wants to help the team accomplish something great with the same technology. I always respect that creating products that customers want is a great way to run a crypto project but I also believe that to keep offering great products to your customers you need to have a great community that can grow with you in the financial aspect.

When you focus on the growth of your community you will stop focusing on short-term things. A person who thinks in the long term is likely to do really well in any area of life. A whole lot of social media influencers and crypto founders talk about the investment needed to be a successful project but if you ask me then I can tell you that creating a good community with whom you can give success in financial terms doesn’t require much of an investment. It requires an attitude to create a great community rather than investments. Still, most people give up on creating a community because they assume that they need a lot of money to create a community. Of course, money can help but it is not the only tool. watching closely how many new community members are joining can give you a certain level of satisfaction. This is not just an exercise. You will feel the positive vibes very soon. For most crypto project owners their project’s growth and community’s growth are not aligned and that is the biggest reason for their failure. We at the long-term coin, believe that we are here to make our community successful and that is the reason we find joy while we are working every day. Most projects do not understand that focusing on and helping the community can almost solve all the problems. To find growth in your product you can go back to your community and ask for ideas and even you can use the skills of some community members if they are willing to serve. To grow your existing products you need to make solid decisions and take action and that has to be done now. Those two things can only happen right now if you have the backing and wisdom of your community on hand.

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