How to be a successful crypto investor? Part 8

It is essential for all of us to understand that our community gets decent financial perks during the journey and people who put in daily efforts need higher financial gains because that is a key for them to stay aligned with your vision. Replying to every community member is a crucial way to make them feel that your vision is not only yours but theirs too. One should not allow taking credit for a single community member when something good happens because it is all a combined effort. Not even you as a founder or creator of the project should be able to take credit alone because there are hundreds of people involved in the success. When you have a great vision you advance your users and also your community members. It creates value for all. We at long-term coin have the vision to create the world’s best-performing fund in terms of returns in crypto. When you explain your project a single line should be enough for people to understand your project. You need to communicate your vision in a single line. Very essential for the community to understand that you are less interested in your financial gains and more interested in creating value for the community and your customers. We believe that if we create a fund that gives the highest returns in crypto, we are creating a massive value not only for this but also for future generations.

It is very important for you to understand that you may even hold fewer coins than other crypto founders but the more important thing is that you are aligned with your vision and so is your community. If people feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves then only they will be part of your project. We feel that we have a vision that makes them part of something larger than themselves. Generally, this creates a lot of value for society and without helping society it is almost impossible to be happy. A great community builder listens to his own community and that is how he can help his community grow and as a by-product, he may grow. We at long term coin have come to a conclusion after listening to a lot of crypto investors and that is that people want higher returns and to create higher returns one needs high-quality fund managers who can give consistently high returns. A community wants to be a part of something that provides massive value to users and changes their lives possibly for generations.

Adding value to your community and to the users you serve, goes hand in hand and that is likely to happen in higher amounts if you have a vision that is larger than life the way we have a vision of creating a fund that gives the highest possible returns in crypto. An attitude of serving others purifies your motive. Your attitude as a community builder will affect the way people will chit chat in the telegram group with each other. Your attitude will affect the input of your community in the growth of the project and at the same time, your attitude depends upon how strongly you are living the vision. We can’t expect the community to support us if we break their trust often. Making any major decisions has to be done with community consent or it is likely that the community will lose faith in you because you missed the important step in the process. Your belief in your vision makes the community trust you because then only they can grow. Any community will hate to spend time and money on founders who are not trustworthy. If you are true and honest in your vision you will have to be extremely consistent in building your community. Taking days off is not an option. Poor belief in your vision is likely to blow you and your community one day. You will be able to win the toughest battle when your community is sure that you will be in front and not let your crypto project die until you die. In the end, your community is watching your actions and those actions will happen when you have a belief in your vision. Staying away from your belief in tough times will lead to a failed community and gradually losing customers.

If you stop believing in your vision then it is likely that the community will not only lose faith in you but also in other capable crypto project founders. One question we need to keep asking ourselves is what are we doing today to increase our belief in our vision? A lot of great leaders in the past started when even their spouses didn't believe in them. They were not even ready to discuss their vision. They were ready to die for their vision. I am just saying that we should believe in our vision with the highest faith possible. Leaders can do extraordinary things only if they have faith in their vision. You work to improve and grow your community because you have to execute a vision that is the most beautiful thing on this planet for you. A vision requires a desire to be in a group or community and it is always easy to be alone and not be part of a community. Building a community scares people and staying alone is easy that is the reason most people don't even try to create a community and even if they create they can’t manage or maintain it. Running away from a community is as easy as it can get. The process of building a community can be done peacefully with a long-term vision. The more discussion community can do better it is for the growth of the project. Discussion can be a great tool for the success of the project but it is always hard to get people into discussions. The more your ability to make people do discussions better it is for your project’s growth and that will lead to the growth of your community. Growing the community discussion means growing our efforts to create better customer satisfactory products. We have a clear vision and that is to create a fund that gives the highest possible returns to everyday investors. Everyday investors are sick of getting scammed in crypto and they all want only one thing, a single point of entry and exit to get the highest possible returns so they can work on what they are good at. Improving the community discussions on daily basis gives us the new ideas that are required to create a better future for our users. Nothing can be more satisfying than knowing that what you are doing today is for the betterment of humanity. Community growth will lead you to the betterment of humanity. It has been said again and again by great leaders that employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction are aligned. It is even better if one can know his community members on a personal level. Of course, it is hard but it is better to know them on a personal level for the sake of users. When you speak about customer satisfaction everyone will listen to you but when you talk about community growth no one will because that is hard and customer growth is directly linked with the community’s growth.

It is okay to feel alone when you are building your journey of creating a great community but everything magical was started by a single person if you check the history. Working every day to build a community is hard but it can be done with patience. It is possible that you want to give up but patience is the key. Gradually there will be a point when you will feel that you are not alone. People indeed believe in your vision and they care for your vision. They will truly care that you are trying your best to provide massive value to investors through the community’s growth. Losing your faith in this process is not an option and losing your faith in your vision is definitely not an option. We are facing struggles as well in our vision to create a fund that gives the highest possible returns to everyday investors but we believe in the process and we have the faith needed to execute this. You will have to start the journey alone to build your community probably behind closed doors where no one is there for you. If you work behind these closed doors without caring for anything the doors for the growth of your project will open up. Those doors will open up because people will start joining you. You will find your warriors who will help you reach your goals. There will be a point when you will feel that you are alone, you will feel that the entire world is against you because you will feel that you are alone but if you have a vision the entire world will join you. Just keep faith in your vision. Your belief in building a great community will help you when no one is in your favor. When no one cares only you can care for yourself. I understand that you want to build a great community to create a product that you feel is divine to you and for the users but you will have to keep working alone until not enough people join you. No pain no gain.

It is hard when no one feels that what you are doing is not only for money but it carries a way higher purpose. We at long-term coin also want to create a great product that helps everyday investors to gain the highest possible returns. Running away from the growth of the community is done by almost all the investors which are why we have still very few successful projects and most are failed projects. Every day until you have not fulfilled your vision you are likely to be sad up to a certain extent but the joy will come when you start building either product or put efforts into building your community. Every day thinking about how you can fulfill your vision is a daunting task sometimes. In many cases, people even can’t fulfill their vision in this lifetime. Imagine their pain. Vision is what gives you hope and gives you purpose and when people do not have time to focus on your vision you feel sad. But the moment even a few people start believing in you, you are likely to be free. Not getting to the execution of your dream outcome is not going to be a happy moment but your vision, if ever executed will give you real happiness and liberty. People become sad when they mix success and money but real success is when you give to society with your great vision. What is your vision? share it in the comment section. I feel that a lot of crypto founders gave up in the middle when they felt that it was getting a little harder to execute their vision. What that means is that they themselves didn't believe in their vision. Even if you build a decent community that can grow with you until your vision is not fulfilled you are likely to be sad inside. There will be two things going on in your body, one is happiness, because you built a decent community and the other is sadness depending upon how far you are from your vision. The sadness part will always be around because of human nature to crave creating more value for society. Yes, I do believe this.

When we can’t touch our vision we attract all kinds of negativity around us and that is the reason in most cases that we are sad. We also start attracting negative people around us and we also become part of a negative offline community. What I mean here is that you probably deserved more happy and successful people around you. All this happens because we cannot execute our vision and to execute the vision we need to build a solid community. Not building a solid community not only leads us to abandon our vision but it leads to abandoning our health as well because all our focus is to execute our vision and until it is not done we don’t want to focus on our health. Make no mistake that it's not like you don’t love your health it is just that your heart is not important to you because your execution is not done. Painful experiences you go through when you have ill health or other health issues are only because your heart is focused on executing your vision to provide infinite value to society and not on your health. I believe that both go hand in hand but it is debatable. Until we build something on our own we are always going to be surrounded by negativity so there is no shortcut to building your own community. Without a thriving community, we are likely to see our own projects with negativity. No matter what you do if you haven’t built by yourself or by your team you are likely to see negativity in your idea. People want shortcuts to get that positivity but it cannot come to you without building a happy community. Negativity around making people believe your vision will always be there, especially when you are starting out but with time people will start believing you and you will also be able to find out ways to better communicate your vision.

Not focusing on the right things can lead us to disasters and to focus on the right things you will need to say no to most things and the same will happen with building your community. You will have to reject most steps and only focus on the right steps that can help you to grow the community. Avoiding unnecessary steps in forming a community is a daily practice and one will need to stay away from the craving of taking the wrong steps. We take the wrong steps only because we crave to do easy things. Always be aware of the steps that look extremely alluring and give you the hope of achieving things in the short term. Nothing works in that way unless you are extremely lucky. Killing the daily craving is necessary to take the right steps. When we help and focus on the community to grow we basically get into the zone of succeeding. When you have created a community it is likely that sometimes you feel incomplete because you haven’t still reached the desired goal. It is okay to feel like that but do not blame it on the community inside your mind. If you keep it inside your mind you will express it someday which will harm all of you. Most days you will feel that you keep working for no reason but that’s not true because you are indeed working hard for building your community. Look at us we keep creating solid content for the community and that requires skills but we know that this is a stepping stone for a great community. We have to believe in our vision that we want to create a fund that can give the highest possible returns to everyday investors. Thinking about the growth in the community is actually anti-crowd. Doing things that are against the crowd is what makes people successful investors. Talking about the growth of your community is literally that and trust me this is the process that will help you create products that are most customer-centric. Unhappy employees cannot make your customers happy. When in crypto always try to do things that are anti-crowd because that’s where the real growth lies. Living for years in an anti-crowd way is hard but to build a great community you will have to live that way.

Being an anti-crowd person is not wrong for improvement of the society it is just a temporary perception of society that you are wrong at this moment.”

If you are part of the crowd you will watch the same violent content on Netflix, you will eat that sugary food, and in the same way, you will take the same steps to build a community that other people are taking. You will spend unnecessary money to bring money and time to your project. You will get nothing. Expressing your views to society and users about how much you care for your community is not something bad. Users will understand that they are getting the product that they are using only because they have the backing of the community. Thinking about the growth of the community is a skill and it will also help you gain compassion for your customers. Remember that the community will keep advising you about applying random ideas because that’s what shows their passion for your project.

I hope you loved this content and if you did then please join our telegram group and be part of our vision.


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