How to be a successful crypto investor? Part 9

Long Term Coin
9 min readSep 12, 2022

I still see people commenting about how to find coins that do good. It is funny but it is true because all my content is more about how to create a good crypto project by yourself and for that it is important for you to build a solid community that backs you no matter what. They know that their growth lies in backing you. A community’s behavior can be like the market. Some days positive and some days negative behavior towards you. The process of building the community is a lifelong process and still, most people want overnight results. You will have to master yourself in creating the art of building the community. Yes, there will be a pain. Every day working hard in uncertainty is hard. Focusing first on building the community is an anti-crowd concept and no one wants to talk about it. In fact, I see a lot of team members answering rudely to the community members when asked questions. When a community member asks a question he is not doubting you but he is trying to clear his own doubt about you. He believes you that is the reason he is part of the community.

Without a solid community backing if you are looking to create a great product you are likely to be doomed. Focusing on building a community means taking the pain that no one wants to take. It is a lifelong process and because of that it is likely that you will have to take that pain for a pretty long period of time but this is what will help you create a great product that users want. Customers want magical products that can be made with huge capital and the wisdom of the crowd. When you put efforts to grow your community your pain is likely to grow day by day because a community is bombarded with hundreds of things every day and because of that they are likely to take time to trust your project. I know that the more time community takes to trust your project harder it will be for you and you will feel that you can’t do anything even after carrying so much passion to fulfill your vision. Sometimes passion is not enough but patience is. Your vision is hard to achieve and only and only your belief will drag your community to the extra mile every day. Your vision is everything to them. Your vision of giving things to the world is more important than your own growth for them. community’s growth should be more important than your own growth. I understand that you want to give things to the world and everyday investors badly. You need to fight for that. Providing the world with something that can create value for generations needs the backing of a solid community. Keeping the eyes on the vision is not easy when surrounded by negativity. We do everything else to fulfill our vision but not to do what matters the most: building the community. We will likely do random things until we understand that building the community should be our ultimate focus.

Your vision should be so inspiring to you that you should never get tired of building a great community. Your vision is your fuel. In the long-term coin, we believe in our vision and that vision is the fuel behind everything we do. Helping everyday investors with something powerful will be the biggest driving fuel for you. It is the driving force for us too. In the world of investing, I haven't seen anything that can be a bigger driving force for anyone apart from creating products that can empower everyday investors. Empowering everyday investors should be the soul of your project and your community should also understand this. Creating something that can help everyday investors to an extent that even they can't imagine is the ultimate satisfaction for you and your community. We at long-term coin carry a vision of creating a fund that can give the highest possible returns to everyday investors in crypto and that is what drives us and we believe that it should also drive our community to support us. Only your vision will empower your community to support you. Your vision to build something extraordinary can help you to create a community that will not see their financial input but will surely keep an eye on the outcome. Of course, it is unlikely that if the project is being executed properly they will not see any extremely positive outcome financially. Only your vision can get you through the difficult task of building a solid lifelong community. If you want to help millions and millions of everyday investors then you will have to build a community that can support you all the way. We believe that at long-term coin we have something that can help millions of investors every day if we can execute our product well. To provide massive value to everyday investors you will need to focus on building the community.

To give something special to your community which is extraordinary returns on their investments you need to create something magical for your customers. It is not easy to create something magical without the backing of your community. Magical means something that can endure for generations. When you execute your vision it can take years in some cases, but when executed it will be nothing less than a highly emotional experience. Everyday investors need a lot of help with their investments. Every day investors want the highest possible returns on their hard-earned money. This is the only wish and the entire crypto market including different communities try to fulfill this vision only to fail in most cases. The solution should be simple but it is becoming complex day by day. We at long term coin think that we have a simple solution that may take a complex path but isn't that supposed to be the case with most great products?

Building a community is a process that must be enjoyed every moment. If we don’t enjoy the process of building the community we are unlikely to be getting to the end goal. Building the community is a process done with care meaning that you should try to include the process that you love. You will have to filter out things you don’t love and only focus on things that you can enjoy while building the community. Of course, if something has to be done then it has to be done, you can’t enjoy something 100%. When you are building the community your way it is likely that only you have chosen that path and no one else has in the past. You are likely to do brave things in front of your child because you don’t want to look scared to him and in the same way, you will have to be brave to yourself while going into the world of uncertainty while building the community. You will be able to handle more uncertainty only after you crack the first layer of the uncertainty of building a community. You will have to create a great community with the resources you got. When building a community you will be feeling some moments when you will be mesmerized by the outcome. Being in a zone of uncertainty and still enjoying the process is the ultimate key. Of course, patience will be needed too. Most things are not picture-perfect and in the same way, the process of building the community might not be the perfect one but should get you the results if you enjoy the process. If people don’t feel your vision will fulfill their dreams then you are likely to fail or will stop at the halfway mark. Our vision should be such that people would want to talk about it to others. It is likely that if people are enjoying the process of building something great with you they will talk about it to others. Your community will not believe your vision entirely until it is fully executed so doubts will always be there.

When you build a crypto community members will come from all over the world. So as a founder it is extremely necessary to respect their culture and stay always curious about knowing their culture. Building an extraordinary community in a cost-effective way can do miracles. People want to be part of a remarkable vision. Vision should be such that people would want to talk about it. The way Italy is famous for pizza and gelato your vision should be famous in the crypto community. If your vision is remarkable you can even create products that others have already created like a crypto wallet. But still, people should be excited about creating a wallet with you. Generally, people are less excited about products that others have already created but still, if you have a passion and the community feels it they can be part of your vision. While building a community there will be suggestions from your existing community members on how to grow the community and we must listen to that. When new members join your vision it should also be an emotional experience for them. When too many community members are involved in your project you might have to focus more on important community members more. That should be understandable. When building a community it is likely that you will achieve small milestones every now and then and it would be great to share them with the community. When you travel between some European countries by train they don't even check your passport because there is trust and in the same way, your community should have trust in you that you will fulfill your vision. We always provide value by teaching valuable things to others so it is great to provide educational content that can improve the wisdom in our community. But providing such content should also be related to our project otherwise there is no growth for any of us. If you can’t enjoy the process then the output of building a community cannot be a hundred percent success. Switzerland is famous for its beauty and in the same way, your vision should also be famous for one or another reason in the crypto community. People are likely to throw a small amount into your project and wait for you to give output so giving the output is always important.

When you go to a new place you are likely to wonder how will your hotel room or your Airbnb be, because you are curious. Similarly, when new people are becoming your community members they are likely to be wondering about your actions for the growth of the project. It is very normal for kids to jump on the bed because it is what every kid loves to do. Similarly, every investor loves to be a part of a great vision because they know that is where they can accomplish something larger than life. Noticeable actions taken in the past by the community for the growth of the project can always help build trust in new community members. If you have a decent community that wants to be part of your vision then only it is better to launch a token sale otherwise it is likely that the token sale will not raise the funds you are looking for. The more time a member spends with your other community members more likely he will be a successful community member. Vision should be so exciting that people should keep checking your coin’s telegram group just to see how close you are to achieving your vision. People will come to check only when you have something exciting. The more often people come to your community’s group more powerful expectations they have from you.

A community is likely to believe in a vision that has high aims because the community wants to accomplish something that they can't do by themselves. Plus most crypto projects have ambitious goals so the community is used to such high goals so they are likely to be a part of something that has higher odds of providing massive value to society. It is amongst those big visionaries some will really fulfill the unimaginable. You will have to aim for that and the first step to doing that is to build a solid community. It is overwhelming and stressful at the same time when a lot of people are expecting you to fulfill something great. The process of building a great community requires patience but if you want fast results you need to build it fast. People keep gold-plated Lamborghinis just to show people that they are worth something and similarly, your community wants to show the world that they are part of something that is larger than themselves. Of course, financial returns are a by-product of everything great. When we focus on the community’s growth people around us will always wonder how this guy succeeded with his crypto project, because when we build a successful community and have a passion to fulfill our vision we are likely to be unstoppable.

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