How to fail successfully in the NFT market

Long Term Coin
5 min readFeb 15, 2023

Most investors fail in the crypto and NFT market because they do not know what to sell and how to sell it. Especially in the NFT market, almost all NFT creators are miserable. It is tough to be a successful investor in the crypto market after years of struggle, and some lucky ones create an app on the blockchain, and the next thing you know, they are billionaires. Life is like that but remembers that nature loves balance — the balance between the rich and the poor. You will be writing articles like I am, and people will read your article and move on. It would help if you overcame this traumatic habit. That will happen when you create NFTs that include the receipts of giving the money to charity. When you give to the poor and include the proof of those receipts in your artwork, you create a solid value in your NFT artwork by using the law of nature. Sooner or later, nature comes to help us.

Nobody cares for your passion and NFT, even though you may care about it more than your life. It is painful to be in such a competitive marketplace. It is heartbreaking to see that people care for their instant profits, but sustainable profits come from giving and being part of those communities. Investing is more about being part of a solid community, but investors think otherwise. Most investors care for instant profits, so they struggle, and also make a struggle for the people who create meaningful artwork in their NFTs. Not having success after being in the NFT and crypto market for years is painful, but you can overcome that struggle only by creating a community that owns NFTs that contains the receipt of donations. This process of giving is like aligning your NFT project with the law of nature. When we give to the charity and include the receipt of it as proof that we have indeed given, we create value in our NFTs and value for NFT investors who own our NFTs because this giving process connects our investors at a vibrational level.

Everyone in the crypto market enters to be rich, but they must consider applying the law of nature. When they write articles or try to create social media presence in the crypto world, they fail, and people scroll down to the next article or watch the following video on youtube. We can code and create an app or social media presence, but we must apply the law of nature to avoid painful failure. Donating and then using those receipts in our NFT artwork helps us donate for the long term and makes our community contribute for a long time. This process of long-term donating creates infinite value between you and your community members in the long term.

You want to be successful but need to create NFTs that include proof of your charity work to keep the laws of nature on your side when making genuine efforts to succeed. You have tried everything till now, and you can give effort to the idea that I am recommending so people will take you seriously instead of scrolling down to the next article on platforms like publish0x and medium or other social media sites.

It is hard to connect with people just by creating social media content or writing codes for your blockchain app because people need more time and have a minimal attention span. So we need to create something that makes them stop, and that can happen when you understand the importance of giving and adding that giving work in your NFT artwork. Most of the stress our bodies contain comes from our work, and we can reduce that stress by adding charity work proof in our NFT artwork to create some value. We must understand that building a community with a powerful internal bonding can only come with adding quality charity work to our NFT art.

We also have receipts of payment from the giving block.

Nobody cares for your vision and passion until you align the laws of nature in your artwork. My NFTs are about creating a community that meditates together, and I use the process of chess meditation, where you can inhale with every chess move. It is up to the community to decide how and what to meditate.

We should be willing to take the pain of failure, but that pain also must contain some value. Value in pain of failure comes when we create NFTs that include proof of charity work, and we still fail to sell.

Failing in NFT can be avoided, and we can also learn to sell many NFTs, but we need to align the law of nature to do that. Most investors will fail, which is a fact of this market. The odds are against us, but we can make the odds in our favor by adding charity donation receipts to our NFT artwork. Remember, no one means no one will care for your NFTs, and only by aligning the law of giving will you be able to grab the attention. No one cares for meditation in the crypto world, but only meditation gave me the idea of such a powerful law that I can include in the NFT artwork. It is up to you to choose the right charity and ensure that your funds reach the needy in Africa, India, Bangladesh, and countries that struggle with basic daily needs. Add the receipts of such donations given in your artwork with complete transparency to create a real value in your NFT artwork that you genuinely care for. To honestly care for your artwork, you must choose the law of nature and integrate it into it.

No one is willing to join one more telegram community that you created and become a part of it for lifelong. They will not care about how important it is for you to sell the artwork you made on a spiritual level because they do not have any time to think about it. No one even cares to join my telegram community, even though everyone needs to meditate lifelong, and my NFTs will give them access to a lifelong meditative community.

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