How to find massive AUM from clients online in a noisy crypto market?

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5 min readMar 22


In the world of crypto, it becomes very painful to face the fact that no one trusts our investing skills apart from ourselves, and if no one can trust our skills, then we cannot grow.

I am finding it hard to connect with clients. After six years of crypto experience and reading hundreds of books on investing, I feel betrayed by the market that I cannot find even a single client. Still, again if I need help finding it, you are also likely to find it hard to connect with the clients.

To succeed in crypto, we must recognize that we need clients whose money we can manage or are likely to fail as fund managers. If you have another income stream, you must trust fund managers who can invest your hard-earned money long-term. In both cases, a fund manager must find a way to communicate his pain about people not trusting him. The more you can express your pain of not finding clients, the more you create odds of getting clients.

We all know at a subconscious level that we need at least 10 Million dollars in crypto to manage so we can make 200,000 USD in a year and run a proper asset management firm in crypto. Most crypto investors are far from achieving this reality, and we need to achieve this reality to succeed as investors. The fun part is that people do not even realize that they need to have this goal.

To succeed in crypto as a fund manager, I need to communicate my pain that I do not have such a massive AUM of 10 Million USD with me, and you will also need to express your reality to other investors. When you communicate your truth of not having enough clients, you empower the other investors to communicate their reality. Sharing our pain of not having enough AUM is not only about making money in the crypto market, but it heals at the physical level, and when we heal ourselves, we truly become happy. That should be the goal. In the crypto market, getting an immense amount of AUM under our portfolio can heal us and make us happy.

People need to learn that there are asset management platforms like enzyme finance which are totally defi and let fund managers manage other investors’ funds without giving access to the fund. First, you need to be aware, and only then can you educate others about such platforms. If we do not have a decent amount of AUM, we will likely fail unless we create cryptos like ethereum, bnb, and other top-notch cryptocurrencies.

I do not carry any single investor under my portfolio, which hurts because I have been in the crypto market since 2017. Still, I do not have any serious break-through, but again, you are likely facing the same failures. The crypto market consists of coders and fund managers. If you are a coder, then it is likely that you are also failing as a coder; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article till now. A coder needs funds to pay his employees, and for that, you need to convince your investors, and when you communicate your pain of how hard it is to convince an investor to investors themselves, you are likely to create a vibe that makes them believe in you. That is why it is okay to show vulnerability to others. I am showing my vulnerability here, and you can offer to others online and offline, but you have to stand up for yourself.

We all want to be multi-millionaires in the crypto market, but the reality is far from this. As an investor, you need clients whose money you can manage on defi platforms like, or if you are a developer, you need users on the financial product you create on the blockchain. In both cases, you need a clientele. I do not have any single client whose money I can manage, and I am sure the same issue also hurts you. That is why I am sharing my pain and connecting with you so you might become my client and trust my expertise. Similarly, you also need to communicate your pain to others, so you find possibilities in finding clients after sharing your pain.

I know you must be excited to learn some tricks to find massive AUM from reading the title, but I just discussed the reality above. Making money was never easy, and communicating your pain and being relieved is the most challenging thing, especially in the financial markets like crypto, where there is mostly noise. When you discuss your pain, you encourage others to invest in your fund and become your client, and the more your investors invest in your fund more they will learn to express their pain to others.

After years of failure, the most challenging thing for me was to stand up for myself and show my vulnerability to you so you can also do the same, start growing as an investor, and move to the next step of becoming the fund manager. I will put the link in the description of my fund that outperformed bitcoin returns, and still, no one cared because I could not communicate my pain. Even if you do not beat bitcoin returns and give similar returns to bitcoins, after communicating your pain, you are likely to find decent clients because people do not even know how to get returns like bitcoin. You can use platforms like dhedge dao and enzyme finance so clients can control the funds.

The more you share your pain, the more your clients will invest, and the more your clients believe in your investing skills, the more they will learn to express themselves to others. I am also doing the same by sharing my pain and encouraging you to invest in my fund so you can learn to communicate your pain to others and become a successful fund manager.

I came into the crypto market with a dream of making millions, and still, this dream is far from reality, and this is the case with you. That is why you are still reading the article. My point is that you should start communicating your pain of not finding clients to other investors, and you will likely find some direction to help you make good money. I only share my pain with that purpose so you can believe in my skills. If you do not stand up for yourself, no one else will do that for you. Share your pain so other investors can start investing in your fund and they can learn the art of communicating their failure in the crypto market.

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