How to get more people to bid on your NFTs

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4 min readFeb 15, 2023

Building a successful NFT project is hard, but we can do it if we know the right path. Energy to go in the right direction comes when we have the power to give to charity through our NFT artwork. Read the full article to understand this simple yet powerful concept.

When we include the charity work we do and then sell the NFTs, we will likely convey the emotions we carry behind the artwork in our NFTs. I care for chess meditation, and I also include the receipt of donations given to charity in my NFT video. You can see it here on opensea.

We all want to sell infinite NFTs, but people will only consider our NFTs once we start giving to the needy and include that proof in our NFT artwork.

I know you care for your artwork and you think everyone needs this artwork. Even the chess meditation community must be created; through that, people will succeed in crypto and find increased value in their NFT over time. Everyone will have something close to their heart, but people will consider your NFTs to be bought only when it includes proof that you have a passionate community backing up your project. Including the receipt of charity donations from sites like givignblock, we can allow the NFT buyers to accept that we are building a serious and long-term community revolving around the artwork you are passionate about.

Failure is hard to accept, but when we fail while creating NFTs that include charity donation work through proofs like receipts, we fail better. If we cannot sell even after that, then we will learn faster to sell the NFTs by trying new different things because you are emotionally involved by giving and also financially involved.

Selling with charity work is a faster and a better way to learn.

There are many benefits of doing charity work. Still, it mainly creates a solid bond between your community members and encourages you to sell because you are financially and emotionally involved. Distractions are hard to overcome when working full-time in crypto, but when we integrate the power of giving into our artwork, we can focus. Remember, no one cares for our artwork, and in that quest to sell one NFT, we have forgotten that we started to sell NFTs to be rich. It can happen when we integrate the power of giving into our artwork.

Every NFT creator, including me, is here to make huge sales, but it can only happen by letting people connect with our artwork. People will connect with our artwork when they see a solid community backing us up. We can build such a community only when we integrate the donation receipts in our artwork or NFT video like I have.

You and I want to be rich in the NFT market, but we can only sell vast chunks of NFTs when we include donation receipts in our artwork. Everyone starts selling NFTs by trying to get rich overnight, but it can only happen by building a community connected with your NFT artwork. After me writing so many articles on the same topic, people still keep moving to the next crypto article. As you grow, things will be challenging.

Will you join my community and connect with the power of meditation? If the answer is no, expect the same when you try to sell the NFTs you care about the most.

Everything is interconnected. Even though I know that with enough people owning the NFTs, the value of my chess meditation NFT will increase, I still cannot do anything more than write this article. Such is the reality of selling in the NFT market. You will have to endure this reality if you want to succeed. Day by day, we learn that NFT selling is hard and no one wants to connect with your NFT artwork, just like very few are interested in my chess meditation artwork, but still, you will have to endure and keep selling. You will have to find peace in this selling process as I do, so whatever you sell matters less, and the selling process matters more. The selling process has to become spiritual if you want to succeed in the NFT marketplace. Integrating the donation work into your NFT artwork will give you a spiritual experience. With spiritual actions backing us up, we will likely succeed sooner or later.

Your bidding section will be empty on opensea, as mine is, but I still cannot give up even though it contains the receipt of my giving 0.5 sol to a charity on giving block with complete transparency and tax receipt. It is not only about the amount but more about the emotional connection. My point is that you will have to go through this process so you can succeed. These failures are necessary steps to becoming a successful NFT creator. A successful NFT creator means a successful NFT seller. We cannot be successful without selling, and we should not tell ourselves that we are passionate about our artwork if we cannot sell.

Selling NFTs is hard for you and me, so we must make it a meditation-like experience, and that can only happen when we keep meditating regularly. Crypto meditation is a topic that needs to be discussed, but as said in the world of investing, it goes against the crowd. Meditation is a path that will keep us against the public in the world of investing, and still, it will enlighten us with the vision to succeed in the NFT market.

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