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We lose money if we fail to find good NFT investment opportunities. NFT projects cannot hide behind lucrative NFT designs. They will have to start building communities to have long-lasting success.

The problem is that most NFT projects need more belief in building a solid community. It is okay if we can’t find quality investment opportunities in the NFT market; we will. Still, we need to understand the importance of NFT communities because, after that, only we can make money. It is emotionally hard to keep searching for the opportunity, but the more we prepare to analyze NFT communities, the higher the odds that those opportunities will come to us. Keep training, and you will find options.

The important part is what one should look for when investing in NFTs. The simple answer is the community’s internal bond between members.

To understand their internal bonding, check how much the community members donate. We can only succeed after we are healed from the inside. In the same way, an NFT project can only grow after the internal bond between community members becomes unbreakable.

As NFT investors, we will have to start looking inwards instead of looking outward at things like NFT price, its hype, visually powerful animation, etc. Everything bows down when the power of community comes into play. NFT creators need to understand that NFT investors cannot be fooled forever, and someday they will find the true worth of the NFT created. So NFT creators should give value to the investors right from the start, which can only happen when NFT creators build long-lasting communities. It is better to avoid finding ourselves in a situation where no hope is left for growth as an NFT creator. Only through building a community can we avoid such a situation. Monopoly in the NFT project can only come if the community is strong. A system where the community needs to do more compassionate work together will likely succeed in the long run. Bonding between members is essential, and NFT creators can build a bond through compassionate work like donating together. Donating to the poor by community members creates a bond that can’t break easily, and most NFT projects are likely to avoid such things. That is why this process of donating is more like building a system against the crowd.

Generally, money is made when we go against the crowd.

Going against the crowd

Consider asking yourself this simple question: Can an NFT project survive in the long run without a community?

Just a little thinking, and you can avoid risk. See what the community is doing; need to see what people buy. Shift your focus. Nature loves balance, and when we, as NFT investors, focus on community analysis, our NFT investment strategy becomes balanced. NFT creators should avoid the delusion that a red carpet is in front of them when they create NFTs. Investors should also avoid thinking that the price will go after they buy NFTs. If you have already purchased some NFTs, then you must have had the opposite experience most of the time.

When NFT creators build a solid community, other investors will love to participate and start analyzing the project instead of moving to the next NFT investing opportunity.

Fake growth only lasts for a short time, and growth without a solid NFT community is nearly phony. In very few cases, NFT creators find organic growth without community which depends on factors like genuine artwork and other benefits. It is morally incorrect to make money by selling NFTs without building a solid community. I am not one to talk about morals, but this is my analysis of the NFT market. If NFT creators sell after building a stable community, they create organic growth opportunities, which is what every NFT creator and investor is looking for. Growth achieved from the simple path I mentioned above will likely be sustainable.

A robust community is essential for any NFT creator because it creates a brand. Most successful businesses rely on their brands to sell their products. A brand allows NFT creators to sell their NFT with confidence, and in some cases, it can enable them to build a monopoly in their field.

Image or, say, branding is everything for an NFT creator if he wants to do something big, and that can only happen with a robust community. NFT creators must not hide behind the artwork and should avoid putting efforts behind the hype. NFT creators need to understand that it is impossible to succeed alone in such a long journey. NFT creators are heard with respect from other crypto investors if they have built a solid community because everyone understands that a solid community is hard to build. NFT creators need the support of big players to grow, and if creators think that big players will trust them without the backup of a solid community, then they are mistaken. If everyday investors are getting the wisdom of checking the strength of an NFT community, then big players will seek the same at least. Analysis of the community and your profits go hand in hand as NFT investors, and sometimes it may give you returns that most investors can only dream of. NFT creators must understand that they must start treating community members as their family members to do something big because it requires trust between people. If efforts are put in the right direction, they can do miracles, and if we put them in the wrong direction, it creates losses. As an investor, the best way to know the internal bond between community members is only through understanding the charitable work done by the community. The community’s charitable work is directly proportional to the inner bond between members. NFT investors need to find a bond between community members and the charitable work they do. The community’s passion for their charitable work decided the profits of their NFT investors. Observing the past community behavior of an NFT project can help you understand the long-term growth of the project. You can connect many dots by observing the community’s past behavior and discussions on telegram and discord channels. Trust is hard to build, so don’t expect anything overnight, meaning that if you see early signs of a solid community, then keep that NFT project on your watchlist and take your time to analyze.

If our strategy is correct, then we will see solid returns, and what can be a better way than identifying the quality of a community? Analyze the amount they donate together if you want to analyze it without wasting a lot of time.

A community that donates together stands on the foundation of real ethics. Significant growth cannot happen with shallow ethics, so NFT creators need to build communities with great ethics. Over-priced NFTs are the root cause of losses of retail investors, and that inflated prices can only be analyzed by analyzing the NFT community. We shouldn’t become defensive after we invest in NFTs. Hyped NFTs are always seen with doubts by wise investors, and they will not tolerate such shady behavior. Compassion and charitable work done by NFT communities will be deciding factors in attracting more project investors. NFT creators need to create a vision of building communities to avoid getting into the spiral loop of short-term thinking. Building communities develop long-term thinking, and without community, NFT creators become short-term thinkers.

Importance of meditation for a successful journey in crypto and NFTs

Meditation allows us to be wise investors, but only if we do it for the long term. Meditation must be done in a community if you want it for a long time. To succeed in crypto, you need to find that leverage that allows you to make money while you sleep. When a developer creates a successful app, it will enable him to make money while sleeping. That is called leverage. Warren Buffet makes money while he is sleeping, and everyone has his unique talent for making money from the financial market. You can tap your uniqueness only through a robust meditative community.

When you tap into your uniqueness in the financial market, you make money with honesty. Meditation is the spiritual practice that aligns with your honest self required for your growth. Meditation allows you to generate slow and steady growth for you as a crypto project founder or NFT creator. Trust me, anyone can succeed in the NFT market, but all we need to do is discover our uniqueness to succeed in crypto. Being part of a meditative community can help you do it. Try counting your breaths from 1 to 100 and fully observe your breaths. You will see a glimpse of magic. Counting our breaths allows us to be in this moment; thus, we can tap into the wisdom that connects us and the universal power.

Meditation allows us to choose the right path for our success in NFTs and crypto because everyone in the market is working hard, but the difference between a person who makes money and someone who loses money is the path chosen.

choose the right path

The path that suits our personality will allow us to grow massively, but if we choose a way that only suits half of our investing style, we won’t reach our highest possible. It is tough to help you understand how important spiritual power becomes in this complex financial market to succeed just through words. You can start meditating with our community members, and our system of donating together allows the community members to grow together and gradually help the NFT demand to increase. Growth in the investment world happens when compassionate work is integrated into our investment style or strategy, which can occur only through meditation. Meditation allows us to connect with our higher power, and our higher power loves compassionate work.

The best part about using meditation for our crypto journey is that it stops us from making mistakes gradually, and stopping ourselves from making mistakes is a lifelong quest, so meditation automatically becomes a lifelong quest. Your crypto or NFT success will be a challenging journey, and the more you accept this fact, the higher your odds of succeeding by considering meditation as an essential part of that journey. Most crypto investors are restless after investing, which is why they need to use meditation to grow as an investor. If you are a retail investor, your main job is to increase the capital to invest in crypto. That can only happen when you grow in your work life, and that can also occur if you use mediation for your growth.

Connecting with the higher power

If you try meditating by counting your breaths, you will find that this is the long-term solution you have sought for ages to increase your wealth. Meditation is a powerful tool; sooner or later, if you survive long enough in crypto, you will find that meditation or counting your breaths and being present will be essential. We need to increase our stress-taking abilities to succeed in crypto, and that ability can only be improved by using the power of meditation. When we cannot take stress effortlessly, we cannot grow, and our bodies stop us from taking the tension. Our mind has a limited ability to take the pressure, so it transfers the stress onto body cells. That is why I mentioned that our bodies stop us from taking stress.

Success in investing is not about being stressed all the time but more about finding spiritual joy. This attitude disconnects us from our attachment to results, and by being emotionally detached, we can make wealth by investing more and more capital in crypto.

Meditation helps you connect with the path where you can encash your uniqueness and make money to invest in crypto. This is a lifelong process and quest. That is why I invite you to own our NFTs, and then you will get access to our lifelong meditative community. When we choose the wrong path for our crypto journey, we go against the tide, which is not the best way to achieve long-term growth. Bad investing strategies can only last for a while. Mindfulness has the highest potential to connect us with the advantage of getting positive leverage.

Suppose you need help to connect yourself with the leveraged self that can help you make money while you sleep. In that case, mindfulness is the only ultimate solution — using unnecessary tools like trading groups, YouTubers’ recommendations, and their favorite coins for a particular month is a waste of time and money. Meditation stops us from using investment strategies that can harm us in the long and short term. The biggest problem for us as investors is that we manipulate ourselves into thinking we can make some short-term magic and create infinite wealth through crypto and NFTs. According to our investing style, mindfulness gives us long-term thinking and helps us make money the fastest way possible. Thinking short-term makes our behavior abnormal as an investor in the crypto market and does not align with what the crypto market seeks from successful investors. The crypto market wants people to stay connected with it for longer-term.

You may not succeed for mysterious reasons, and mindfulness can help you identify that. Then suddenly, you may find outstanding growth as an investor. Mindfulness is the solution that can help us connect with the extra capital we are looking for without getting liquidated. The money without the risk of getting liquidated makes us rich.

You can get capital on leveraged trading, but you need more than that to help you succeed sustainably. We can grow sustainably by connecting ourselves with capital that doesn’t carry the risk of being liquidated. If we focus on sustainably increasing our wealth, we will likely be happy with our success. For that, we need a conservative mindset. That mindset can be achieved through the power of mindfulness because only mindfulness can give us the energy to succeed by focusing on our mistakes as an investor. This is a lifelong quest. Financial markets are always risky when we think short-term, so mindfulness gives us the patience to help us get long-term thinking. Being conservative about making money in NFTs and cryptos is not dumb; it is the wisest thing to do, and mindfulness can help us achieve that. Being conservative till the last breath is a common trait of successful investors.

No matter how much we think we know, there is always something that we do not know, and only mindfulness can help us achieve that wisdom.

We must keep a conservative mindset until we reach the success we desire as investors. Mindfulness is an excellent method for this lifelong quest. A Conservative perspective is not wrong, but that skill is hard to acquire because we must keep proving ourselves wrong. Investing without a conservative mindset is a joke for savvy investors, but newbies do not understand this. Even after we make billions of dollars in crypto, we need a conservative perspective because it does not end there. Do you see the importance of a conservative mindset? Warren Buffet still makes mistakes. Being in touch with commonsense is challenging as an investor, and mindfulness gives us the power to be in touch with that commonsense.

The more conservative we become higher our chances of surviving in the crypto market, and the more we stay more we can make profits. When we are not conservative, we know subconsciously but are too scared to tell ourselves the truth. Mindfulness can help us shift this behavioral pattern gradually.

The more we stay careless higher the odds that the losses will be immense. In investing, disaster can happen to anyone at any time. Sam bankman-fried is an example of that. We can stay alert as investors when we are alert for our souls and mind, and that power comes from mindfulness. You may say I am a pessimist, but only pessimists have survived longer. Mindfulness gives me the wisdom to become more and more pessimist every day. That is why I invite you to be part of our meditative community, where you can become a member by owning our NFTs for lifelong. I already discussed the importance of donating a specific portion of profits that can increase NFT value.

Avoiding irrational decisions in the crypto world is critical, and mindfulness is the long-term solution. We can overcome short-term thinking gradually, and mindfulness can help us in that journey. Obstructions will come when we are on a long journey, but mindfulness will keep us from getting off track. The real question is how you can improve your skills of conservative thinking, and mindfulness will keep showing us the path to do that. You may need to find a new approach to improve your conservative mindset every couple of years; mindfulness can help massively. Defense is the attack when it comes to investing. Not losing money is the most important thing. The more we focus on the conservative approach, the higher our odds of making money in the NFT and cryptocurrency market.

Very few have made money doing full-time investing, so if you consider doing that, kindly be as conservative as you can because even warren buffet is not conservative enough. Mindfulness is the solution to that.

I write these long articles so people can understand the seriousness of becoming successful investors. It is one thing to think that I will make it big in crypto and another to be sincere about that journey. You may not see significant changes in your investing journey immediately after you start practicing mindfulness, but positive results will come sooner or later. After all, how long can life undermine the power of spirituality? Mindfulness will keep us at peace during the ups and downs of our investing journey.

If you want to be part of a lifelong mindfulness journey, then own our NFTs and be part of a community that meditates together for lifelong.


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