I created this fund on enzyme finance, which outperformed bitcoin after six months by 15%.

Long Term Coin
2 min readMar 9


If you are an experienced investor, you know how important it is to outperform the index, and only a few people do it consistently. In that quest, I created this fund. In crypto, bitcoin is the index standard, and as you can see here, bitcoin’s return from the day(8th august 2022) I created this fund is -8% nearly,

and the fund that I created has given +6%.

My point is that if you hold it for a certain period.

If you hold it for a certain period, it will likely continue doing the same, although past performance does not guarantee future. I created a simple fund on enzyme finance, a decentralized asset management protocol where you can invest and withdraw anytime. It contains WBTC-BETH and WBTC-WMATIC LP along with some matic coins.

You can invest in the fund here: