Is Monero good for the long term?

Monero has been around for a while and is one of the oldest cryptos after bitcoin in the top 50 probably. The best thing one can possibly do with Monero is just hold. Holding is a skill and an art. Holding a good token is an art, an art of not doing anything. In crypto, just holding quality tokens for the long term is an art. I see a lot of people talking about a lot of different tokens and a lot of people even know good tokens but holding good tokens is an art and it requires hard work. The extreme level of hard work is to not do anything with that particular token and just let it rest in your wallet. Now that is hard work in the world of crypto. That is hard work even in the stock market but that is even harder in the world of crypto.

Monero is such a token that probably every portfolio can have it. The problem is that people want a lot of action with quality tokens like Monero which can’t happen because they are quality tokens. They are here to survive and not to entertain you. Monero is such a token that generally stays around its fair market value with long-term growth of infinite possibilities. Tokens that carry long-term growth are hard to find and it requires a lot of hard work from the investors' point of view. That is the reason why people just buy random tokens and don't try to even look for the long-term prospect of a token. But the moment you decide to put in the hard work required to identify the long-term prospect of a token you are likely to have solid gains. I believe that Monero is one such token which is already been around for a while and it will be around in the long-term future.

As an investor one needs to understand that growing your capital without the risk of getting liquidated is the only solution for higher returns and growing the capital without getting liquidated again requires an infinite amount of hard work and that is the reason most investors leave the crypto market and don't survive even for a year forget 5 years. Increasing the capital without getting liquidated needs persistence in the world of investing. That is where long-term coin protocol comes into action. We have different products to help you grow your total AUM. Yes AUM(asset under management). Why do you think that words like AUM are only for the big banks and large institutional investors? Yes increasing your AUM is the only solution in order to increase your returns. Now how can you do that with long-term coin? You as a user and we as a protocol create funds that can have a possibility of growth and that way we can increase the AUM of a particular fund. This is one of our funds available on enzyme finance. See the link in the description.

Now, this fund has a very low AUM but what if the AUM grows and the very low amount of share price of this particular fund grows as the profit increases? Only your asset will grow because the price of btc-eth and matic will grow and at the same time AUM of this fund grew and now you have returns in multiplication. We believe that this is the only way to grow your hard-earned money to 100x. Now, can you predict which type of fund will grow to 100x in the first attempt? I guess no..No one can. It can only come to you when you create different types of funds and also help it grow. Now, this requires hard work and again it is very hard to do the hard work. But it is also very hard to grow your portfolio above a certain percentage without growing your AUM. Only by finding a fund that can grow 100x, you can increase the AUM by 100x and thus profit by 100x on top of returns given by a particular LP or tokens of a given fund.

But the real question is how can you identify a fund which can grow 100x or how can you help it grow? Now either you can grow your ability to influence others and let them know that we have created this fund in association with long-term coin and you convince them to invest or you can create a fund which people wanna invest in the first shot. Both are hard ? as I said it requires a lot of hard work. If you see this fund and you think that you can grow this fund in AUM you can literally grow your profits by 100x. One needs to create value in order to get value. Why warren buffet is world famous? Because he taught the world the importance of value when investing in a stock.

Let’s get back to Monero. Monero is an asset that is undervalued because even though it probably is fairly valued people are blindsided by the long-term growth of this particular token and people don't want to acquire the skills to see the long-term growth of any given coin. Monero has a solid community and without a solid community, it is very hard to grow. check their Reddit. A long good and sustainable community. Even in the long-term coin, we are trying to achieve the same with your support and create great products. If you want to see the long-term growth of any project see how long they have been carrying a good community. The longer the community was passionate about in the past higher the odds of the same happening in the future. We are also expecting our community to be more engaging and help us create great products in the future so all can benefit.

Monero also carries a monopoly in the world of anonymous transactions. Now monopoly is the key to any project for its growth. Google, bitcoin, and coke-cola all carry some kind of monopoly in their industry. Monero has the monopoly of having a product that almost no one can carry and the trust which monero has acquired in the world of anonymous transactions is at the top. We at long-term coin also want to carry a certain kind of monopoly to grow LTC tokens for the long term. Monopoly is necessary for survival. One of the ways to create a monopoly is by adding new and new funds which are sellable to the crowd and then we can probably reap the benefits from the profits coming from that fund as a community.

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