Let’s talk about the truth of the crypto market no one talks about

Long Term Coin
4 min readMar 19, 2023

I created this fantastic fund that outperformed bitcoin returns; no one cared(The link is at the bottom). So I understood that people care more about raising more capital to invest rather than just returns, which is a pain in the ass.

I created a fund on enzyme finance, a third party that lets fund managers manage retail investors’ money. No one invested in my fund even though it gave returns better than bitcoin.

My pain of not finding investors is not only my pain but will likely be yours. No one cared to invest in my fund, which contained only two assets — Bitcoin and matic. You may have a couple of other assets, but the point is that people do not care what you and I create. People are not getting connected with long-term investing, which is the key to making money even in the crypto market. If my fund is facing these issues, your fund is likely to face similar problems as well. I learned to invest in crypto by reading hundreds of books on investing, and still, I am here complaining about my fund not getting any real investors. Again it is likely that you will face the same problems, so it is essential that you also write and connect with people by discussing your pain as a fund manager. You will have to communicate your pain to your investors the way I am sharing my pain with you.

Imagine being a successful investor is all you want to do, and you still need help finding even a single investor. I am going through this pain; that’s why I am sharing my pain with you so you can also share your same with others. It is an essential aspect of investing. It is almost a cycle we all need to be part of — a cycle of communicating our pain to others. To become a successful investor, you need other investors who can trust you with their hard-earned money, and I know you can grow their money, but the problem is that people do not trust you and me. People do not trust us because we do not talk to them about the pain of them not trusting us. I am writing this article so you can understand my pain and invest in my fund, and you will also need to find a way to communicate your pain to other investors so they can invest with you.

Not getting a single investor in your fund is hard to accept, but you and I must face this to grow as managers. You and I thought that we would be millionaires by now, but things go differently in crypto, and that is why you need to communicate your pain to others about not finding clients whose money you can manage in crypto. My pain is your pain, and your pain is my pain too.

Even if you find investors who invest nearly a million dollars in your fund, you will likely not make more than two percent even if your fund performs well. This is how painful the process is. Communicating your pain to others is necessary if you are not finding smooth ways to raise money or find clients. Without clients, no one can survive. You keep trying different ways to find investors who can trust your investing skills, but you feel your soul resists getting new clients; forget client resistance online and offline. You post daily on social media and platforms like publish0x and communicate your pain; no one cares. You write blogs about different investing topics, but no one cares. No one wants to trust you, but there is a great future lying ahead for you as an investor.

People who do not trust your investing skills will or are also facing similar trust issues from others. I am also facing a similar trust issue with you. Everything is connected. Suppose your family members know you are into crypto full-time. In that case, they expect you to be a millionaire or multi-millionaire by now, and Here you are reading this and silently being happy about thinking that someone shares my pain.

People do not have time to understand your pain, so you must communicate it with others like I am sharing it with you. People love their money, so they will always think that you are some rookie who does not understand investing, and even you must be considering me a rookie; that is why you will not decide to invest in my fund. I am still looking for my first investors who can invest in my fund.

You must be shameless in discussing your pain of not finding a single client, as I am shameless. Someone who reads this will respect my shamelessness and start investing in my fund or let me know what type of fund I shall create for you. You must be shameless if you genuinely want to succeed in the crypto world as a fund manager. Someone with whom you will share your shamelessness will also need to be unashamed by others. We must all be part of this cycle to survive, thrive, and help retail investors.

There is a limit for you and me to run away from the pain of not being a successful investor. There is a tipping point, and after that, you start communicating your pain to others that you and I lack good clients whose money we have to manage to thrive in the crypto market.

This article has enough pain, so let us close it off now. If you think my pain is the same, you can comment something in the comment section. If you want to invest in my fund, click the link below or let me know what kind of fund you wish to create on enzyme finance.