Making money through identifying good NFT communities

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7 min readJan 31, 2023

Before we discuss the methods to find good NFT communities, we need to understand why a quality NFT community is essential for you before you invest.

Successful NFT investing is about having an obvious investing strategy. For most investors, the more they try to find a proper NFT investing strategy, the more they lose because it needs to be corrected. NFT investing is not about trial and error but about betting on the community. NFTs’ growth lies in their community. A big and famous NFT with a strong community will not succeed in front of a small NFT community that has a lifelong bond with each other. Actions speak louder than words, and a bond between community members speaks louder than anything else. The biggest problem for an NFT investor is that he wants to stay in his illusion.

Only when investors start analyzing the NFT community can they find reliable information about the success or failure of those NFT projects.

If we don’t focus on finding quality NFT communities, we are unlikely to find quality investment opportunities in the NFT market. Not connecting an NFT community with its long-term growth is likely hazardous for most investors. People do an effortless investigation when it comes to NFTs and hide behind that. No investment opportunities can be accessed by easy analysis. A community’s growth is not easy to assess, but it can be done with proper simple methods, which we will discuss later in this article. When we don’t know the appropriate way to invest in NFTs, we become desperate investors and lose money. Desperation makes us greedy and impatient. Desperation happens at such a subconscious level that we might not get aware of that behavior even after losing money. If you copy the crowd and follow an NFT project, you can lose your money because money can be made from suitable investing methods rather than following the group. We must be confident about our NFT investing strategy, or we will lose hard-earned money. Retail investors will make heavy losses in the NFT market in the future. This is bound to happen, but the bigger question is how to avoid such a thing and convert it into money-making opportunities.

In the end, many NFTs will go up in price for years before reaching zero value.

Most NFTs will turn out to be bubbles, but a few will turn out to be winners. Winners will be winners because of their community. It is easy to neglect community analysis and challenging to analyze a project’s community. When we don’t explore the community, we open our wallets for others without getting hacked. We must do more than easy things to make money in the complex NFT market. If we assume that we can profit in the NFT market quickly, then that makes us overconfident investors. It is likely to be a destructive path. Easy money-making opportunities in the NFT market are against the law of making money. A small but powerful NFT community with fewer members is safer than a hyped project with thousands of community members. We become gamblers if we are not conservative in this complex NFT market. The opposite of a conservative mindset is an overconfident mind. We can only get a real investing sense after losing massive funds if we do not stay careful. An overconfident mind may help you make a couple of good runs in your investment, but you will likely lose your hard-earned money in the longer term. A powerful NFT investing method keeps you conservative and gives you the courage to invest. A Conservative mindset allows you to go by quality investing rules that can help us get quality returns on your crypto.

When we focus on the community, we can start diversifying our portfolio in NFT.

Focusing on the community gives us the wisdom to diversify. If we invest through other methods, we can create a house of cards for our portfolio. The proper foundation is the key to making profits in NFTs, and focusing on the community is that foundation. It is better to practice correct investing wisdom rather than lose money. Investing without focusing on the community is like allowing people to access your private keys. We will have to value our hard-earned money when investing in NFTs. If we do that, we will likely make wise investing decisions. Focusing on the long-term growth of an NFT community should become a slogan inside our heads. It is easy to hide behind doing easy things. Analyzing community growth is hard. Again we will discuss the best method to analyze an NFT community’s development, but before that, we need to understand the importance of a community for your profits. Investing without researching a community is like sleeping and doing nothing when the girl you love wants to break up with you.

We will likely gamble our money if we cannot analyze the community.

Trying new investing methods for finding quality NFTs can be dangerous, and what can be a better strategy than analyzing the long-term growth of an NFT community? Only this strategy can help you invest for the longer term. Focusing on community growth stops us from becoming NFT gamblers and can make us actual NFT investors. The bond between community members is such an essential thing for the success of a particular NFT project that even after writing hundreds of long articles like this, I won’t be able to justify its importance. It is better to keep our energy focused on the NFT community rather than wasting it on other things as investors. Saving our energy is essential for a long-term successful investing career. Sooner or later, you will be forced to ask whether you want to master the correct NFT investing strategy. Correct NFT investing strategy allows you to create an investing routine that integrates with your daily work life.

A solid community with an infinite bond between community members can explode anytime because whoever comes in touch with such a solid community will likely want to be part of such a community and the positive domino effect starts.

How to find excellent sustainable NFT communities

If a community is donating together, a particular community will likely have a lifelong bond. Donating together creates a silent bond of compassion between community members, which is why we have designed our NFT of meditation so that the community will give away half of the profits to the charities they selected. This creates a domino effect and helps community members have a strong bond with each other also encourages them to buy more of our NFTs and spread the word.

When a community gives together, they can create an infinite bond through compassion, and this bond attracts other investors, and gradually, the price of NFT starts growing. The community members start working towards the growth of the project. A strong bond can occur through compassionate work done between community members. The more an NFT community can donate together higher the odds that the particular community will grow. Crypto is without boundaries, which is why such high-quality investing concepts are possible. We must open our hearts to the poor to be rich in any crypto community. Opening our hearts through charitable work through a community connects every investor. Donation work has to be an integral part of such a community.

Charitable work done together as a community keeps a community conservative about the project’s growth. So the community can find solutions to complex problems required for developing the project and community. In the end, everything depends on the community’s internal bond. I understand that it is hard for anyone to open their heart to the cause of giving, but with this particular method, it will be easier to find NFT communities that can grow together forever. Only a compassionate tool can give a solution to such a complex problem. Only a solid community can find fantastic growth opportunities in their NFT community, and compassion is essential to that lifelong growth process. The stronger the bond higher the odds of finding opportunities to grow. Most valuable NFTs will lose value against NFTs of such powerful communities over time.

Strong communities will replace weaker communities in the NFT market. This will become the game of survival of the fittest.

A community that creates higher odds of surviving for the long term has higher odds of growing.

Survival of the fittest community is the new rule of law for the NFT market.

We can create this type of powerful bond in our community through charitable work. We allocate half the profits to the community members so they can choose and decide which charities to fund with complete transparency. This is why I invite you to be part of our meditative community, where you can meditate with others for life and be part of a growing community. Management responsibilities become less when the community is willing to take the responsibility to grow the project. Most communities will focus on the utility of their NFT and the market price of that NFT. The problem with this approach is that it creates greed and distracts people from being connected. The utility is essential but comes from the internal bonding of the community members, not vice versa.

When we give importance to the donating part as much as we provide significance to the project’s growth, we set our house in order. Most NFT communities need to have their house in order, which is far from reality.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you did, join our NFT community by owning our NFTs. This allows you to give and meditate together. My earlier articles discussed how meditation and crypto success are heavily interconnected. Please go through it and own our NFTs.

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