R. Kiyosaki says Bitcoin is bargain today, not tomorrow, as ‘America is broke’

Long Term Coin
5 min readSep 21, 2023

Robert Kiyosaki is saying that Bitcoin is a bargain at this price, and he is right. There are many reasons for that, which I cannot express in this article because the list and arguments are infinitely huge. You do not have to be the victim of unskilled people falling into the trap of not owning Bitcoin.

Kiyosaki says the most important question one should ask today is, “ How much gold and bitcoin do you own today and not tomorrow? “

Why is Bitcoin so unique?

Bitcoin is unique because of its decentralized nature, and that is why it has seen success. Blockchain technology is useful when we create something decentralized, not something centralized. Defi projects are called decentralized finance, but they are centralized and driven by a few founders and, in many cases, just a few people.

It is painful to create something decentralized, and it is a long journey. You can create wealth in your niche by building something truly decentralized because people value such things. Decentralized cryptos are here to stay for a more extended period, which is why investors are willing to pay a lot of money for such projects.

But remember, this journey will likely be lifelong, with many sleepless nights as I am facing such things with my project in the long term coin. No one will bother commenting on your articles, and no one will ever comment on your YouTube videos. It won’t be easy, so brace yourself because creating a decentralized project is the only option to create wealth for you in the crypto market, not just by investing in random cryptos. Even if you make some profits in random cryptos, you will lose those in other destructive projects because such a process is gambling. In other words, you will have to find your way to create something decentralized and bear the pain of that journey with health and family issues on hand. Of course, not having money to run the project will also be another prime issue.

You may have to educate people about the importance of decentralization, a forgotten concept in cryptocurrency. All these tasks will be challenging under the ignorance of busy users, but you will have to go through such hurdles because, on the other side, there…