Real decentralization is achieved right from the start and not later.

Long Term Coin
3 min readJul 22, 2023

The success of Bitcoin is because of its decentralization and not because of other random things claimed by different cryptocurrency gurus. Most cryptocurrencies fail sooner or later, even after reaching a market cap of billions, because they lack decentralization.

We are trying to solve this problem by creating a decentralized community that can happen only when the community designs the project right from the start. A few people design most crypto projects, and even if they get lucky and find a market cap in the millions, they fail in the longer term because they were not decentralized right from the start. This is what we want to solve. When a community designs a project right from the start, most community members will learn how to build and develop successful cryptocurrency projects. Way more value than finding positive returns on some random cryptocurrencies. (In most cases, people lose money, by the way).

A community is everything, and a community deserves all the positive returns, but for that, the community needs to unite, which is our goal. A community needs to connect and design cryptocurrency projects that can give incentives to people who run the network and grow the network. If the community can do that, it will have powerful financial incentives. This is something that most communities need to do, and we want to do that. This is why I want you all to join the long-term coin community, where you can plan and build projects that can sustain and grow automatically, just like Bitcoin. The thing is that people are interested in investing, but decentralization requires payment. You will have to pay for it if it is truly decentralized. Miners make a lot of investments before they can take advantage of the profits, and similarly, you need to pay if you want to be part of the long-term coin protocol.

If you cannot pay for the essential cost, other community members will not find any value in you or see the availability of powerful resources. The community will respect each other when they are sure the other members are as serious and have paid similarly. This simple process creates respect and bonding between members. Now the community knows that they all have the simple goal of creating something that is truly decentralized. With time the cost of being part of this network will also grow because we want to be decentralized, and at the same time, we want to be resourceful.

If people are unwilling to pay, how can you expect the community members to respect each other to build something genuinely decentralized that can grow on its own gradually? When you become part of a particular cryptocurrency project or, say, an altcoin, you do not know how much that person has invested, nor do you know whether he has invested in the coin or not in the first place. This stops you all from creating bonding. Bonding happens when everyone is equal. We have an approach where everyone will have to pay the same price, and people will have to pay more as the network grows. Decentralization is only possible with equality and bonding.

For investments, there are ample numbers of cryptocurrencies, but decentralized coins surround real opportunities, and that is scarce. That is why you must pay to create significant potential for successful investing. Decentralization was always scarce, but people never realized it. Because people did not even know it, they mainly invested in altcoins that were out of business within a year of investing. This is why you will have to be part of the process that allows you to be part of decentralization right from the start — connecting with the other community members willing to pay for decentralization matters. A single person cannot do it.

We want to build a community that has respect for each other, and it can come when members pay and join the membership program. Gradually members will grow, and so will the opportunity to create decentralized cryptocurrencies. Once you join the telegram group, you can share your thoughts and ideas about what cryptocurrency projects have higher odds of decentralization and how you can all build it together.

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