The art of creating value in NFTs

Long Term Coin
4 min readFeb 20, 2023

Creating value in NFT is an art, separate from creating NFTs. So you need two types of art to succeed in the NFT market.

We need to create NFTs that can support the underprivileged. NFTs that support charities are likely to succeed sooner or later. We will have to empower the poor to grow in crypto by giving them the infrastructure so they can help other underprivileged people. It is a chain. Your NFTs that include charity donations will empower the poor, and that empowerment will allow them to start learning about NFTs gradually. Once they learn, they can help others, too, for that first chain of people needs your support. NFTs are just pieces of art, but when we include the donation receipts, we create value in our NFTs that are not even being sold. Once our funds reach them, they will get empowered with basic needs and then to the crypto world, and after that, they will also understand that they need to do the same work as we did. The cycle possible can help generations to come. This is the meaningful work that you are seeking with your NFTs.

When you start giving certain portions of your profit to the charity decided by your community, it creates a chain of good things and empowers people who value your help.

Once the first chain of people receives our help through donations, we plant the seeds for them to start the second level of the chain once they start making money through NFTs, crypto, or any other means. Crypto and NFTs create possibilities beyond our thinking, and my article here can show you the possibilities. Your first chain of donation receivers will also face the struggle I am meeting with my NFTs, but all this is part of a larger process to create massive value.

Your goal is to start the chain of reaction by giving.

Either a specific portion of profits when you sell your NFT if you are already selling, or you can donate before selling and then include the tax receipt as proof. This process enables your first group to donate to others once empowered. Your first group of people you helped will likely use the crypto and NFTs to help others when they get empowered. The Value your NFTs will create on how much you are connected with the second layer of the group who will get supported by your first group of people. You must support the first group of poor or underprivileged people with the highest possible donations to make the first group help the second group. This process allows us to create value in our NFTs, and this value makes the inner bond of our community unbreakable.

Building a connected community is hard in the online world, but starting the chain of giving and including the receipts of those donation works will start this chain reaction.

The first group you are helping will also need help to sell the NFTs initially the way you and I are struggling, but everyone needs to endure this pain to succeed in the NFT market. The more powerful chain you create, the more your odds of succeeding in the NFT market because it will affect the internal bond between your community members. The more transparent your process of donating more it will create a bond between community members. The community should also work towards making a better donation process so the process can make the internal bond even more powerful.

The solid chain you create will decide the growth of your NFT project because this chain improves the internal bond between community members.

All NFT creators must understand that chain of giving is something to consider because even if you sell your NFTs based on your art, it will only last for a while. NFT project driven by the community is likely to grow with sustainability. The chain of giving started by you will keep the internal bond of community members intact and last longer.

Once started by you, the strength of the chain of giving will make your community intact with your NFT project, probably forever. The first group to whom your NFT community donated will likely need help to sell the NFTs the way you are struggling. They will write articles like me or read articles like you to find a solution, but in the end, they will likely get the wisdom of starting a new chain of giving the way you and I created the same chain.

Your first group will also go through the pain in which you and I are going to sell the NFTs, but the strength of giving to the first group will create a powerful impact. Your first group of a probably long chain will initially face a hard time because no one is looking at their blogs and their vision of creating powerful social impact through their NFT artwork by donating. This concept can be hard to understand initially. Still, once you understand it, you will also understand how this process is powerfully attached to your NFT community’s internal bonding.

Your first group will want to make profits, but they will also have to go through the painful process of selling the NFTs, crypto, or something else by donating to the next group, who will probably be able to create another chain.