The cryptocurrency superpower that every investor needs to be aware of

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6 min readSep 25, 2023

The power of decentralization is mostly not understood by everyday investors because they focus on short-term gains. Not knowing other investors of the cryptocurrency project you have invested in is suitable for decentralization, but most investors take it for granted. Crypto allows us to work with other investors to grow the project without knowing each other. Satoshi Nakamoto hides his identity so people can focus on the original purpose of Bitcoin, which is decentralization. Now, people have that liberty but are not using that superpower. When investing in a cryptocurrency project, you can stay anonymous and focus on decentralization. Instead, people focus on profits, and mostly, even if they talk, they talk about useless things like the token price, etc.

Staying anonymous while investing is a superpower, and staying anonymous while building a cryptocurrency project is also a superpower.

They both allow you to focus on decentralization, but most people need to be made aware of that superpower. Satoshi was mindful of that superpower. Being anonymous allows you all to build a relationship that cannot be produced otherwise when you all would have known each other. But again, investors of most cryptocurrency groups need to be made aware of this. Being anonymous is not a crime for investors, but not being aware of that power is a crime. You are anonymous for a reason, and that reason is to promote decentralization either as an investor or as a founder. When you ask this question, why can you be an anonymous investor for whatever reason? You will find that you are anonymous because you have to promote decentralization. It is painful to see that most investors take the power of anonymity for granted. As an investor, whatever coin you buy, your anonymity allows you to promote decentralization. I have written enough articles on the power of decentralization.

Being anonymous will allow you to connect with other investors to create a bond you could never have if you were all aware of each other’s identity.

Staying anonymous is a superpower that can help you make a lot of money, but only when you become aware of that superpower. Anonymity has a direct co-relationship with the power of decentralization, which can make any project’s market cap in millions in the blink of an eye. Savvy investors want to invest in decentralized projects because it allows them to invest in them for the longer term. Long-term investing means clear profit.

I’m not here to promote anonymity but to encourage decentralization; I must promote anonymity.

Satoshi Nakamoto hid his identity for a reason. Once you become aware of that reason, you will have all the wisdom required to succeed in the cryptocurrency market. Anonymously, you can talk about ideas that can never be talked about otherwise because you stop the negative thinking of being judged by others. You don’t talk about the ideas that matter to you because you are scared of being judged, but by being anonymous, you can talk about any idea that can help grow the project you have invested in.

Again, most investors need to be aware of anonymity’s superpower. People think about doing all the negative things like talking, abusing, and scamming others by being anonymous in crypto, but most never think about promoting decentralization by staying anonymous.

Staying anonymous is all about marketing your cryptocurrency project as decentralized, but most founders need help understanding this idea. Instead, they use the power of anonymity to do exit scams for a bit of money. Anonymity for you as an investor is to build a bond between you and other investors. Imagine if you do not have a bond with each other. How will you all grow the project in which you have invested? Of course, the founders who need help understanding the power of anonymity are least likely to understand the idea of decentralization.

If you respect your money, you will have to respect decentralization and to respect the power of decentralization, you will have to respect the power of anonymity.

A long commitment to being an anonymous investor is also a lifelong commitment towards decentralization. Anonymity should be celebrated, but most investors must be aware of their anonymity as investors and founders. If founders of cryptocurrency projects start respecting their anonymity, then there will be fewer exit scams and more decentralized projects like Bitcoin. When you become aware of your anonymity, you also make others aware of the same, and it starts the process of decentralization, especially when you are in a cryptocurrency group. The more aware you are about anonymity, the closer you get to profit. When you become aware of your anonymity, you also start finding ways to connect with other investors without knowing each other’s identity. This approach directly promotes decentralization.

Anonymity is all about respecting the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, and the ones who do not respect Satoshi’s vision are less likely to make money in the cryptocurrency market as investors and founders.

Centralized exchanges constantly face backlash from governments, but decentralized exchanges, although managed in a centralized way, avoid such backslash.

For defi protocols, The problem lies in management, which occurs when investors are unaware of the power of their anonymity. As a result, they are not aware of the importance of decentralization. Satoshi Nakamoto mentioned the importance of decentralization through blockchain technology in his white paper, and he knew that the idea of Bitcoin would only Be possible if he hid his identity. But today, investors are hiding their identity for no reason. They don’t have any meaning behind hiding their identity. There is no cause involved. They consider the power of anonymity a free tool that has zero value.

Most investors do not carry the self-belief of succeeding in cryptocurrency because they are unaware of their anonymity superpower.

They think about how to make quick bucks, but once they focus on anonymity, they can do magic. Again, let me be clear that anonymity means encouraging decentralization for the betterment of humanity. Anonymity allows you to build a bond with other network runners of any cryptocurrency project you invest in, similar to miners having a bond while mining Bitcoin. It releases the tension of making quick bucks and instead lets you focus on decentralization. You can utilize the power of anonymity only if you have faith in decentralization. If you assume that you can use the power of anonymity for some exit scam, you are doomed to fail. As an investor, your goal is to find the best investment opportunities. However, it can only happen when you respect other investors’ anonymity and still find a way to connect with them emotionally. That is an art.

Anonymity is a topic that no investor can even imagine discussing. Reasons can be many, but not talking about it is a reality. Unfortunately, founders and investors never talk about this ultimate superpower; they are mostly unaware of it.

The more you focus on your anonymity as an investor, the more you can explore ideas to promote decentralization and make money. Anonymity is not about avoiding hackers but attacking them by introducing decentralized projects. Hackers succeed because of a lack of decentralization. Look at the Bitcoin network. It cannot be hacked because it is decentralized. Anybody can invest in cryptocurrencies, but only a few can anonymously build bonds with other investors. For that, one needs to be a smart-ass person. Cryptocurrency founders, as a matter of fact, use the power of anonymity with some fear. They would never be scared if they believed in the power of decentralization.

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