The hard truth about gaining 1000x returns in crypto

Long Term Coin
6 min readJul 23, 2023


Bitcoin teaches us only one thing, which is decentralization. Still, all the crypto media outlets and content creators focus on everything else, leaving the topic of decentralization far behind, which is the core reason for the Bitcoin miracle.

If you want a 1000x return on your money, it will likely not occur just by investing but by creating a decentralized project. My pain of not building a robust community will also be your pain. Making the first few members join your community will be challenging, and the same problem is going on with me. It will be hard to make people join the protocol when they are busy finding the next Bitcoin and just lose money in the end. I want to build a community that can produce good decentralized cryptocurrency projects. The problem is people are not willing to join my network. There is so much noise out there; similarly, you will face this issue if you build a successful cryptocurrency project. It will take a lot of work to make people join your network. I have been writing all these articles daily to see no one joining, even my general telegram group. You might have to keep losing your energy like these in the thin cloud.

The pain is inevitable if you want to have a 1000x return. Even if people join your network, they might not take part and help you make your project decentralized, and the same concern is going on with me. To succeed as an investor, creating a project and communicating the pain of not getting what you want with your audience is essential. If you join my network, at least you will keep learning how to share the pain. You must find a way to communicate your pain with your audience, which will significantly help with other things when trying to build a community. Without building a genuine community, 1000x returns are not possible, and I have attempted to do that by losing money in altcoins even after having extensive investing skills in me. Communication about your inability to build a community with your audience is key because it allows them to learn the same thing.

I have been trying to make people pay for my project, and you will also face the same issue; if your audience wants 1000x returns, they will face the same problem. People do not even have the time to understand what I am trying to do with my project. The Same problem will occur to you when you try to build a successful cryptocurrency project, and your audience will also face the same issue when they try to launch a successful cryptocurrency project. Most investors are struggling to gain 1000x returns, which is why our problems are also the same, but if you help your audience communicate their pain to others the way I am trying to help you communicate your pain, things can change. Writing articles daily without having a single response from people willing to join my network is a shame for me. That is why I do not want to share who I am. You will also feel that shame, so you will not like to share your real identity. Even your audience will feel that pain, and they will also resist their identity sharing.

It is painful to create content like this daily to see that no one will join my protocol even after reading this article. Still, your audience will face the same problem when creating content to build a robust network of community members. Making people pay is the most challenging task for me, and it will be the toughest for your audience and you. This is the reality, and you will face this reality when you communicate your pain with your audience. This approach will also help your audience learn the importance of sharing their pain when trying to build a robust cryptocurrency community. Well, this is just the start because later on, you and your audience will also need help managing the project and keeping things decentralized. So again, you will have to find a way to communicate your pain with your audience, and your audience will have to find a way to communicate the same pain with their audience.

Difference between paying and investing

The problem is that people are interested in investing rather than real investing. Investing in decentralized projects requires different approaches and respect from other community members. That is why we have a long-term coin community in which you can join. When you become part of it, you start creating decentralized projects, a lifelong process. People are ready to invest and lose money, but they are not interested in paying for creating opportunities that can help them invest in decentralized projects. Our community is all about creating opportunities to build decentralized projects over the longer time designed and managed by the community members.

Let me be clear that there are no members, and even if you pay, you will be the first one, but being first allows you to become a member at a low price. We all have only one life, so being part of projects supporting true decentralization makes sense. This is the reason even I am making efforts to execute such stuff. Life is too short to invest our hard-earned money in centralized projects. A community will respect each other when they know they are paying an equal amount to enter the ecosystem. This creates a sense of equality. In altcoins, when you invest, you assume that other investors will take responsibility for decentralization, and they assume you will take charge of making things decentralized. This loop has to be stopped, and it will be stopped when you all invest the same amount and become part of the network.

If you are paying for decentralization, then only your investments matter. You will have to ask yourself how much you are paying for decentralization. People never ask these questions, and because of this, they invest in centralized projects that use defi protocols to make big claims. Your payment in the growth of making things decentralized matters whether you believe it or not. This is why I want people to join the long-term coin community, where the community will design and launch different cryptocurrency projects right from the start.

If you invest in decentralized projects, you must also decentralize the process.

Most investors like the term investing but don’t like the term payment. If you invest in centralized projects, you are paying for something worthless. This is almost 100% true when investing whose ranking is out of the top 100 by market cap on coingecko or CMC. Defining how much you are paying/investing for decentralization is the key question, but it requires skill. People are really into Bitcoin for a reason, and that is the true decentralization it offers to humanity. When you become part of our community, you can also ask yourself how much you pay for decentralization. We know for sure that the answer will be 100%. A community that pays equal amounts matters. It matters because it creates a fantastic internal bond between members.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you are considering joining the network, then join my telegram group, and I will guide you. You can also ask as many questions as you want the way people will ask you questions when you will build your community.