The only rule for success in the cryptocurrency market

Long Term Coin
4 min readSep 22, 2023

One needs to do what Bitcoin has done to succeed in the crypto world. If you are investing in any crypto project, you need to ask yourself whether the team made their coin decentralized. Yes, it is a hard thing to do for any crypto project, but it is the only option. The team must create a community that can run the project independently. They will have to go through that hardship. Every successful founder will have to go through the trouble of uniting people from different parts of the world in their telegram community. This is tough, but if the team wants to create long-lasting value for their investors, they must accomplish it.

When you invest in crypto, and the team truly cares for its investors, they will surely make the project decentralized because only this will help investors and make the project survive in the longer term.

Most projects die not because of a lack of investors but because they need to respect the needs of investors, which is decentralization. Bitcoin respected that need, and look what Bitcoin has done. The problem is that achieving decentralization is hard, so most cryptocurrency founders are reluctant. Hard means it is almost impossible in most cases, so investors are looking for decentralization, at least at the subconscious level. People stay in the stock market because intelligent investors do not find decentralized coins in the crypto market. To grow the crypto market on another level, one needs to invest, find decentralized projects, and help them grow.

Cryptocurrency founders love the easier task of keeping things centralized. Nothing can be achieved quickly; if the founders genuinely want to achieve something, they must make things decentralized. A sense of community is what matters the most. This is not a lecture but a reality. The more complex the decentralization according to a niche, the higher the profits. Founders must take the challenge of keeping things decentralized no matter what. You, as investors, will have to take up the challenge of not investing in centralized projects.

The goal here is to encourage decentralization either as an investor or as a cryptocurrency founder.

Satoshi wanted to promote decentralization but could only do it for Bitcoin rather than other projects. Sometimes…