The quest for 1000x gain in crypto

Long Term Coin
4 min readJul 24, 2023

Most investors need to understand the importance of community building if they want 1000x returns in the cryptocurrency market. Investors think investing in some new coin or trading with extreme leverage on binance will make them 1000x returns, which is far from the truth. I learned it the hard way. If you do not read this blog, you will also learn it the hard way.

The goal is to launch a good cryptocurrency project, but it will only happen by building a robust community.

Building a community is hard work, and I do that daily by writing blogs and posting social media content; you will have to do the same hard work. Most investors think 1000x returns are possible without the hard work of building a community, so they are generally miserable. People will not become part of your community even after reading your blog or social media content or will not even bother to comment and give views on your content, but if you want 1000x returns, you cannot stop. The same thing will happen to this blog as well. It is hard to keep posting on social media without finding any significant response from the community. I face it daily when people will not comment on this post or will not bother to join my “telegram” group, but you will have to keep going on. If you want to make it big in crypto, you will have to take the pain. Seeing people reading your posts and moving on when you believe your project is excellent is painful. I feel that daily.

1000x returns are possible when you make a truly decentralized project, and that will take some work because the world is noisy.

Investors are reluctant to join your telegram group the way you are unwilling to join my telegram group. This is the reality. You will find it boring to join my project and help it make it decentralized; similarly, there are people who will help you face the same crisis. Joining the project is one thing, and making it decentralized requires another level of commitment from the community. I am facing both issues as of now. Imagine the trouble lying down for you on the road ahead when you will start building your crypto community. People need to be more willing to help a project grow. It is easier to throw money and gamble and harder for them to make a project decentralized and help it grow. People will see all your efforts the way you see my efforts, and still, people will not understand the importance of being part of the network and learning things that can help them create a successful cryptocurrency project for themselves.

It is funny that investors cannot make money without making a project decentralized, and still, they throw the money and never help the project grow by making it decentralized.

People need to own the project as if it is their own to make money and see all your efforts the way you see my efforts. Investors will not want to see your efforts because they know they will have to be part of your network and do the necessary hard work the way you will have to do the hard work if you join my protocol. You will have to do the hard work required to build a community because, with that effort, possibilities are more to gain 1000x returns. People enjoy watching hardworking people as you are enjoying the fruits of my hard work by reading this article. It is challenging to gather people and build a community using social media, but if you do not have extraordinary skills in coding or something else, then this is the only option. When you create content, people will watch your content, and even if you communicate with them the way I am communicating with you with a clear message of joining my community, people will not bother. Still, you cannot give up the way I am not giving up.

Building a community will require a lifelong commitment. Lifelong commitment means people will read your hundreds of blogs and still will not join your community the way you are reading this blog and still are not interested in joining my community. People may not even take the time to ask in the comment section about your project, and still, you will have to be patient the way I am being patient. If you are willing to do all this, you can make 1000x returns on your initial investment.

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