The story of an average cryptocurrency investor

Long Term Coin
4 min readOct 10, 2023

Investors focus on returns, but they never focus on the long-term approach of investing, and in crypto, when you want to invest for the long term, you will have to invest in communities. When you invest in a community, you create great investing opportunities, which is why, in long-term coin, you make a robust bond when you give together a specific portion of your investment. In this project, you do not buy our coins; instead, you buy a membership and a particular part of that membership fee is used to give away that money, and the community does that project.

Investors are frustrated in their cryptocurrency journey, so such an approach is necessary where a community bond keeps improving as the network grows and more members join. Investors are also damaging their health because they cannot find any sustainable solution to the long-term investing opportunity in crypto. Investors are under constant stress because they do not know the path of community bonding, and that is why we want to resolve that problem in the long term with the combination of the network effect and the common goal of giving. Most cryptocurrency investors are losing money miserably, and their portfolio is growing at a rate lower than index funds returns. The core reason is they do not know the path of community bonding. Some investors try to write blogs and do other social media gimmicks to compensate for their losses. Still, they can only make money by focusing on giving together and mainly focusing on community bonding.

It is hard to build a family-like bond when people hide their identity, but most cryptocurrency projects will only succeed with a powerful bond. Most cryptocurrency investors cannot even sell one dollar worth of financial products because they need to focus on what we are concentrating on- community bonding through giving together. When you live together, you will have to decide where to give, how much to give, and many more things and that is what makes this task difficult, and this process builds a powerful bond. Investors try to influence others by doing something related to crypto on social media to see that no one is interested in their content. Most cryptocurrency projects will succeed only through the power of network effect, just like long-term coins and bitcoin.

Investors get addicted to watching sports channels on weekends because they are frustrated that they do not have a path to give together as we do at the long-term coin. They drown themselves in the addiction of watching soccer and many more sports for no reason because they do not know the correct path. That is why a solution that long-term coin offers can help investors — giving together without knowing each other’s identity and building community bonds. Some investors have been waiting for years to find great investing opportunities, but they are still stuck where they started, and that is why focusing on the community bond is the solution for all of them, and long-term coin offers are just the same.

Investors read all kinds of books and apply infinite tricks to make money from the cryptocurrency market. Still, all their tricks fail because they need to focus on what the long-term coin focuses on, which is community bonding. Investors want to work hard but need to know the path the long-term coin is showing. Hard work also needs opportunities that can only come in the right direction. Investors are desperate to make money in the cryptocurrency market because they know that with each passing day, as the market gets bigger, they are losing opportunities, and that is why the solution that long-term coin offers matters. Investors are under immense pressure as they have yet to make a million dollars in their cryptocurrency journey, which is why the long-term coin approach focuses on community bonding matters. We want to empower you to become part of a community that runs the projects on its own in a totally decentralized manner. Sooner or later, investors will make a big bet on such communities. Investors will stop sleeping and work hard if they know the correct path to be part of a robust community. The long-term coin offers a solution that can excite investors.

Family members of investors are asking how much they are making in crypto, doing it whole day and night, and because they do not know the right path, they have no answer, and long-term coin shows that right path. It is hard for investors not to fulfill their family’s expectations, but because they lack the long-term investing approach that the long-term coin offers, they are losing it. Investors’ family members are waiting for them to succeed in crypto, and long-term coin offers that solution through community building. The worst part is that investors cannot even communicate their pain with others, which kills them inside, so the long-term coin focuses on a solution that can last for decades. Investors are here to make money, but only some understand that reality, which is why most cryptocurrency projects fail.

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