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7 min readMay 30, 2023


The vital part of becoming a successful investor is to find undervalued cryptocurrencies. Finding such coins is the ultimate reality for any investor if he wants to make a profit. We are looking for Profits and undervalued companies, but we need to be made aware of this simple reality more frequently. The simple fact is hard to see in the noise, and investing in the undervalued cryptocurrencies is the reality that is hard to achieve in the noise. Finding undervalued cryptos can be achieved through discipline and patience, which most investors need to carry. This is one of the biggest reasons most investors fail to continue their cryptocurrency journey. The market is always there, but people who do not touch the market’s needs will never get what they need to succeed in the cryptocurrency market.

No one in the market wants to do the hard work required to find undervalued cryptocurrencies. No one wants to find cryptocurrencies that can grow in the long term. Finding undervalued cryptocurrencies involves the practice of the right skills. You need to learn the investing strategies of the greats and then try to copy them and fit those formulas in the cryptocurrency market. These methods will make you a profitable investor. In investing, never be at a loss; having a long-term approach will never keep you at a loss. Imagine if you hold your Bitcoins for ten years; will you be at a loss? Hell no. Most investors overlook these methods as they seem only to have short-term gains. As an investor finding and investing in undervalued cryptocurrencies is what you are seeking, but it is hard to achieve, which is why you are having a tough time. Another critical reality as an investor is that you need clients who can allow you to manage their money because successful investors have clients. Having clients will enable you to connect with the extra capital, and when you have excess capital, you can split profits and have extra profit. The more you are associated with the additional money, the more likely you are to be a successful investor. Excess capital is never gained by taking leveraged trades on binance, but it is achieved by the hard work and methods best suited to get to that extra capital.

No one is talking about the importance of having more capital to invest in through clients because only clients will give you more money to invest, and it is likely the only option that will provide you with profits by splitting it with the clients. An infinite leveraged capital without the risk of liquidation is the ultimate source of success in the cryptocurrency market. Most people need help understanding this; before even understanding this, they leave the market. This is so unfortunate. Focusing on having clients at the moment is bliss, and most investors are not even aware that such joy exists in the cryptocurrency market. Won’t an infinite amount of capital makes you feel at peace if you have the skills to manage those funds? The first step to achieving that reality is to accept that you need infinite capital through customers. Infinity is what gives us happiness. Our mind and body want us to stay away from the power of infinity, but absolute bliss lies in touching the infinite source.

I have seen that people are most reluctant about talking, which is something near infinity. Having capital to manage is near infinity. At the core, you know that touching the infinite will give you happiness and success. It can help you achieve the real purpose of life. It is hard to keep thinking about touching the infinite every second, but the more you focus, the more your mind will get trained. Having access to endless capital is all about really helping the customers and providing the best customer service in the financial world to your customers. Most people fail because they only focus on getting more and more capital, which is why they fail. They must focus on what they can provide to their clients. The bigger question is, how can you help your clients touch more significant returns? How can you help them build a robust cryptocurrency portfolio?

Focusing on getting clients and having access to capital to grow is the critical area every investor needs to focus on every second. But we are still stuck in social media and other stuff that distracts us. Liberty comes from focus, and if you can narrow your focus to getting more and more capital to manage in the cryptocurrency market, you will find liberation. Helping customers is not about their benefit, but it’s all about finding joy in giving them and solving their investing problems in the cryptocurrency market. Distraction is infinite, and that is why focus becomes limited. If you make your focus infinite, then distraction will become finite.

You must find peace in finding clients or getting access to capital to ensure success in the cryptocurrency market. All great investors found peace in finding more money to grow their companies. Finding more and more capital should give you peace and, indeed, not the end output. I write this article because I find happiness when I share my wisdom with you all, and more ways of finding joy in the cryptocurrency market are coming for me. The goal is to be happy and never care for the output, and this is the best way to attract the highest possible capital you can manage in this lifetime. You must have the approach that success wants, not one that craves success.

Ego stops us from doing great things, and if you think something is preventing you from finding more and more capital to manage, then it is likely that fear or ego or things like that which you read in motivational books. You have to get rid of those things until the process of finding more capital which is an infinite process, becomes your place of joy. Most people try to achieve a specific output when they are trying to gain more capital, which is why they stop themselves from achieving infinite prosperity. The moment you start finding joy in getting more and more capital, you are bound to succeed. The real question becomes when?

What I am explaining is not motivational stuff but the ultimate reality you cannot see for random reasons. You may start motivating other investors as a by-product of knowing this reality. For the first couple of years, you will have pain in finding joy in getting more capital to manage, but gradually you will find flow. No matter how many ai trading tools and financial products are introduced in the future, human emotions will be the ultimate factor when allocating capital and managing it. If you want to be a successful manager, you will have to channel your emotions. I know it is painful, but the more you manage your emotions more you will be at peace as you grow. Finding more and more capital is lifelong; similarly, finding joy in that process is also ever-evolving and lifelong. Great ideas can come anytime, and in the same way, great customers can come any time as long as you stick to the process of finding joy in accessing more capital.

Most people never find joy in gaining more capital as an investor, so they fail or live mediocre lives. They are scared that they will fail at the halfway mark, again an unnecessary fear. Cryptocurrency allows you to create an infinite amount of different financial products the way youtube enables us to create an endless type of content and upload it. This has never happened before, and all you need to do is find joy in this process. If you find happiness, you will create something suitable for you and others for mutual benefit. Just keep enjoying your process of finding more capital.

The process is challenging, and god knows it is true, but the one who can get past their fear can have their happiness in the first place and money as the by-product of it. The problem with most investors is that they give their joy secondary priority. Distraction from finding joy is a never-ending challenge, but we must keep fighting till the last breath because this attitude can provide us with the capital we need to grow as an investor. Challenges keep us distracted because it is hard to overcome the challenges of finding more capital every day to grow as an investor, but this is what creates fun. You are liberated if there is no challenge, and no one wants liberation so early. Life is funny, and if you become a successful investor, you will gradually get to know all these perks.

There are powerful forces on this planet that we cannot see, and the moment we start finding happiness in the process of getting more capital, we begin attracting those powerful forces to help us grow. Either your clients and you grow together, or no one grows. This should be the ideal procedure.

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