Understanding NFT buyers

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4 min readFeb 20, 2023


Once you create NFTs, your NFT buyers will likely doubt your long-term goals and commitment toward your NFT project, but they need to understand that they will also face the same doubt when they start selling the NFTs.

Your NFT buyer will likely scroll down to the next article when you write about your NFT project’s quality. Your buyers must understand that you genuinely care for your NFT project and are here for the long term. Your buyers must realize they will fail if they doubt your vision and passion; others will question their NFT’s love.

If your buyers doubt you, then it is likely that they will face doubts from other NFT buyers when they sell their NFT collection.

Your buyer needs to understand that only by being part of a solid NFT community can he create one for his NFT collection. A stable NFT community will donate certain portions of profits. If your buyer is not becoming part of your NFT community, do not expect that he will be able to create one for his NFT collection. Your buyer can only learn to create a robust NFT community by being part of your strong community and whatever artwork you sell. If your community donates together, you are likely to succeed. Your buyers need to understand how your community members are creating a solid internal bonding between community members by donating together. They will likely grow with their NFT collection if they learn from your community members.

Your buyers need to know that they need to be part of a strong NFT community like yours so they can create a thriving community like yours for their NFT collection.

Whatever artwork you make, you need to create a community that donates together, and automatically a specific portion of NFT buyers will become part of your community. In other blogs, I have written extensively about the importance of charitable work in your NFTs. Once your NFT buyers become part of your community by owning the NFTs you create, they will have increased value in their NFTs because they are getting value by watching your thriving NFT community. You have a flourishing community because your community owns your artwork and regularly donates a specific portion of the profits.

Your community members need to understand that they need to be part of your community and own as many NFTs as possible to see how a successful NFT project is managed and then gradually start doing the same for their NFT collection.

Create your NFT collection, sell it, and let your buyers learn how NFT sales are made. Most NFT creators fail because they do not create value for their buyers by showing them how NFT sales are made. They need to understand that if they face problems in selling, their buyers will also face the same problem. You need to make the sales of your NFTs no matter how difficult. You need to overcome the issue of selling your NFTs so your buyers can also sell their NFT collection. Everything is linked, and most NFT investors do not think this way.

Your problem of not selling your NFTs is also the problem of your NFT buyers. They must also try to sell something in their life, but if they do not connect with your lovely NFTs, no one will connect with their NFT collections.

Your buyer is probably looking for financial freedom by selling his NFT collection. Still, he needs to help achieve financial freedom for people like you who have already created good NFT collections. If your buyer cannot help you reach financial freedom, he will likely not achieve the same. If your buyer is losing his health because he cannot sell his NFTs, he needs to understand that he needs to help you improve your health by buying your NFTs. Financial stress is the most significant stress that damages everyone’s health.

Your NFT buyers are probably desperate to sell their NFT collection, but how can they sell their own when they do not buy your NFTs?

I know you are passionate about selling your NFTs like your buyer is passionate about selling his NFT collection. Still, your buyer needs to understand the importance of buying your NFTs and is as passionate as you are about creating and selling NFTs. Your NFT buyer should have a clear mindset that if he is not going to buy your NFTs, then no one will buy his NFTs because both of you share the same pain of selling.

Your buyer should understand your pain in selling NFTs.

He will also face the same pain as you, so if your buyer is affluent, he needs to understand your selling pain and should buy your NFTs and be part of your community where he can utilize your NFT and make money as your NFT starts increasing in price in the long term. Once he understands your pain, he can only find buyers who will realize his NFT selling pain. Everything works in a chain.

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