What chess teaches us about succeeding in crypto

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4 min readJan 24, 2023

Success in the cryptocurrency market is nothing but doing a few things correctly.

Doing a few things is complex as we must be sure about our future with those few things. Mindfulness can give us access to that path in the cryptocurrency market. Success in crypto is a complex process for most, if not for all, and accepting that complexity allows us to be in touch with mindfulness. Only after accepting the complexity can we take advantage of power higher than us. When trying to solve the complex investing path, remember that other investors also work hard; we cannot see their hard work. Mindfulness opens our mind to see all these and help us understand the serious work we need to do to succeed in the crypto market. Mindfulness requires training in such a way that we know the power of mindfulness in the fastest way possible. Mindfulness helps us do things in order which is the most important thing to succeed in the crypto market. Our invested money is constantly under threat when we are in the crypto market. Mindfulness can guide us the way.

Correct mindfulness practice can help us understand the complexity of crypto in the fastest way possible. Not losing money is the most crucial thing in the crypto market; we can achieve this through mindfulness. Crypto is very similar to the chess game, complex, but we can achieve victory through simple strategies. We can achieve the solution to complicated things like investing through the power of mindfulness. Chess and investing both require the practice of only a few things correctly. Investing and chess have many ways to win, but it requires training. Lifelong practice and mindfulness can help us in that journey. Different methods have different names in chess and investing, but we must find what strategy suits us best. Chess and investing require us to understand the value because only after understanding the value can we achieve the desired results. Mindfulness helps us find that value. Practicing meditation helps us reach our actual value; trust me, we have more value than we think in the crypto market. Chess and investing are all about controlling the loss. Meditation can help us achieve that target.

Everyone who wins a game of chess or makes money in the crypto market is doing so because he has connected his actual value to the game or market.

Mindfulness allows us to connect our real value to the crypto market. When it comes to chess or investing, top players carry more wisdom than you. That is the only difference, and we can also have insight if we practice mindfulness daily. Good chess players and investors have one thing in common: they will go to any extent to control the losses. Sticking to the basic rules is the most complex, and only mindfulness can help us connect to the basic rules. Mistakes happen when trying to focus on gaining something but gains happen when we control our focus from gaining to defending in chess and investing. Mindfulness can help us touch that wisdom. Focus on not losing money or not losing our chess pieces is the hardest thing to do, and it requires a lifelong commitment. We can have that commitment through the power of mindfulness.

When we do not make mistakes, our opponent in chess or the crypto market will make mistakes, like allowing us to buy an undervalued asset or winning a free chess piece. We can have such a focused defense when we are aware and mindful. Utilizing our talents in the financial market is the only way to succeed in such markets. Mindfulness allows us to be conservative, which is the best chess and investing approach. Winning in chess and investing requires the highest use of existing resources. Mindfulness connects our existing resources to the crypto market. We will likely succeed by combining all the resources with the crypto market. If we have to sacrifice something that we think is important that in reality is not, then only mindfulness can help us make that sacrifice. To win the game of chess and investment, we need to know when to sacrifice and what.

Successful strategies in chess and investing require a lot of trial and error, and we should never be tired of doing that. Mindfulness gives us the energy to fail and learn even after we think we cannot do this anymore.

I hope you enjoyed this content, and if you did and you want to be a lifelong mindfulness practitioner, then our chess NFT will allow you to do that.

Chess meditation allows us to accept that success in crypto is more about connecting our higher power to the crypto market than connecting ourselves to the market. Chess meditation will enable us to accept that succeeding in crypto requires solving complex problems. Mindfulness can help us solve those problems quickly and without harming our bodies due to stress.

When watching this chess meditation video, allow your mind to accept that success in crypto is complex, like each chess moves, and inhale with every chess move. The more we accept that the complexity of chess moves and success in crypto is similar, the higher our chance to use the power of mindfulness to help us succeed. Owning this NFT will allow you to transfer the complexity of this game into the power of mindfulness, and that mindfulness can help you succeed in crypto. You will also gain access to a lifelong exclusive chess meditation community where everyone can practice this meditation together.

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