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5 min readJan 23, 2023

Few blockchain enthusiasts consistently do content writing on crypto, so if you are having a hard time, then it is okay. Writing on crypto lifelong requires the power of mindfulness because only a calm mind can help you write creatively; without creativity, quality writing can never exist.

Writing without the influence of mindfulness is just hard work without the right direction. Most writers fail or give up on writing because they lack mindfulness. Mindfulness encourages us to write about what we care about the most. We must remember that the ultimate goal of writing is to create income or create brand awareness, but we mostly stay away from that fact because we are so busy finding quality content that we can write. Everyday practice of MIndfulness improves your content and connects your writing content with your ultimate goal of writing. Connecting writing with the ultimate goal of writing is hard; we can do it through passion and unleash that passion through power higher than all of us.

We need to be in constant touch with our ultimate writing goal to connect our writing with readers.

Quality writing is all about persistence and awareness. Awareness is a skill we need to achieve to be persistent. Awareness also helps us create articles that align with our writing goals. Awareness helps us write articles that can connect us with our audience. Writing content needs to be aligned with the financial objectives, allowing us to write even better content. Sometimes money becomes a measuring tool to know whether we are providing quality service. Mindfulness can help us unleash this wisdom. Writing on the medium is ultimately all about selling quality stuff, but we sometimes get disconnected from that target and start creating desperate content. Desperate content cannot touch the audience. Only mindfulness can keep us away from creating desperate content. The calmer our minds higher our odds of writing quality content.

Writing cryptocurrency content means writing your genuine emotions about the crypto market, which should also help other investors. You may not connect with your audience initially for months, but gradually things will fall in line.

If you have a crypto project as we have, you will slowly start building a community aligned with your passion. Meditational power gives us the ability to visualize and write, which is an essential skill to have in writing. If we can correspond with conviction about our beliefs, then only others will start feeling it. It is not easy to build a solid crypto community, and especially if you are not a developer, writing and creating content becomes the only way to build a community for your project. Mindfulness is the solution to this not-so-easy journey. In such a long journey, one needs a long-term strategy, and mindfulness is that simple strategy that connects us with our higher power and reduces our stress daily in this complex journey. Writing is also about improving your wisdom daily. Small changes in your writing skills today will give you compounding returns in the longer term. Such long-term vision in writing quality crypto content can only come to you if you have the power of mindfulness beside you. Suppose we hold bitcoin for the long term. In that case, we will likely beat most investors’ crypto returns. Similarly, writing for the longer term will also help us build an audience and community that only some people will have in the crypto community. We can execute these long-term strategies with the lifelong practice of mindfulness.

The more we are attached to our core writing goal higher our odds of doing long-term writing — the more extended the writing vision we carry, the less chance of us creating poor-quality writing content.

A long-term writing vision allows us to write content that truly connects with our audience. Only mindfulness can help us in executing such a concept. If you are writing to build a cryptocurrency community, you need mindfulness for both aspects. Writing requires different mindfulness practices, and selling a crypto product in a crypto community also requires different levels of mindfulness practice. Building a community and selling a product to that community is daunting. Writing consistently alone is daunting, so doing both needs our higher power in action.

Sometimes we wish we were developers who founded a crypto project and succeeded instantly.

The disadvantage to that idea is that success may only last for a while, and in very few cases, such success has lasted, and in those cases, it indeed lasted on a larger scale. But that is likely leaving things to chance. Instead, we should keep doing the long-term writing that connects us with our community, and at the same time, we can build a product that connects us with our community/users. In that case, that success will probably last forever and also help you live a good life. Quality writing is a trained mind that connects with the soul of an audience but to do that, we need to make our soul pure. The purity of our soul can help us touch other people’s souls, and that purity can be achieved by mindfulness. The crypto community overall is brilliant; that is why they will connect with your content if you have a pure soul.

Mistakes will happen when you are building a community through writing, and sometimes you may not be able to write content that connects with your crypto community, but that is part and parcel of this journey.

The best you can do is that you learn from your mistakes. The same thing happens when we try to sell our product to the community, initially product might need to be fixed, but with community feedback, we can keep improving our crypto product. When writing, we must focus on creating revenue to support our writing career. This is one of the most neglected areas for most writers. Mindfulness connects us with that area during our journey. I might sound a bit repetitive, but if you are selling a crypto product through your blogs, then the quality of your awareness becomes a deciding factor. Selling is as important as it can get, and without selling, there is no value that you are providing. Most writers rely on affiliates or their own products that they need to sell. Selling connects us with the satisfaction that our product provides value to our audience. People might think you are doing this for money, but selling is an integral part of the business cycle. The bigger your audience, the more you need to focus on selling to run the work you love. Mindfulness connects us with the purpose of selling through our articles.

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